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Express Your Love for Your Mother with a Unique Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is a particular day to honor your mother and express your love, affection, and care you have for your mom. You don’t need to wait for a special day to express your love for her for your existence on the earth. However, you need a particular occasion to do something different for your mom who has helped you to make your life smooth and independent from your birth to adulthood. Some of you express your feelings directly while some need external help, i.e. gifts dedicated to her motherhood. And when it comes to buying Mother’s Day gifts, you can rely on WallMantra for exclusive gifting items, apart from decorative one. At, you can find and buy the best Mother’s Day gifts 2021  

Why Do We Celebrate Mother’s Day Every Year?

The celebration of Mother’s Day has an association with the early 20th century, mainly 1908. It was the year when Anna Jervis held a memorial on her mother’s death at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in West Virginia’s Grafton in the USA. She did a lot of campaigns from 1905 to 1908 to make her mother’s, Anna Reeves Jervis, works recognized. She helped a lot of American soldiers to get recovered from their wounds caused by American Civil War. The US Congress rejected the proposal to announce a holiday on Mother’s Day in 1908 but accepted in 1911. With time, the trend to celebrate Mother’s Day on the 2nd Sunday in May across the world.       

What Mother’s Day Gift Options Available at

We, at WallMantra, have numerous gift items that you can buy and present to your mom on Mother’s Day to show off/express your love & care for her. In your search for Mother's Day 2021 gifts at our website,, you can come across paintings and decorative plates. These gifts items relate to themes like nature, bird, animal, religion, wild life, city scene, flowers, dance, music, etc. Purchase the best one as per your choice and needs.     

How to Buy the Best Mother’s Day Gift from WallMantra 

At WallMantra, we have a huge and exclusive collection of Mother’s Day gifts. Coming across such a huge collection can make you get overwhelmed. You might not find yourself able to choose the perfect and most meaningful Mother’s Day gifts to present your mummy this Mother’s Day. The ideas mentioned below could help you a lot in this regard:

  • Start having a close look at what your mother has and what your mom has not at present when this special day is around the corner
  • Have a bird eye view again on what your mom wishes to have and what likes/dislikes she has
  • Know your budget 
  • Explore the item and its details before making a final purchase. Suppose that you have thought to present a set of decorative wall plates or a few paintings to your mummy this Mother’s Day. You should know the theme, used materials, and allied things. Buy the painting or decorative plate that matches with your mom’s needs or choices          

Buy Mother’s Day Gifts Online from WallMantra

WallMantra is your preferred choice when it comes to buying the best Mother’s Day gifts online. As per your mom’s requirement, taste, and choice, you can find and buy the best gift to honor your mother this Mother’s Day. Besides gift items, you can buy home decorative items like wall hanging planters, paintings, shelves, lamps, mirrors, wooden hangings, clocks, coasters, and decals online from WallMantra.   

Shop our best collection of Mother’s day gift online in India from WallMantra. Surprise your mother this Mother’s Day by telling how important she is to you and giving him/her a unique gift which is as if it has been made just for him.

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