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Brighten Every Corner of a Room with Ceiling Lights 

Ceiling lights are a crucial part of your home’s or office’s interior decoration, as they are the main illumination source and set the complete tone of a space. With their proper installation, they define each character of a decorating space, including floor & wall finishes, furniture & fabrics, materials, and colours. Apart from being used as the primary lighting source for a space in a home/office, hanging ceiling lights can be used as background lighting. With the use of downlights or spotlights, you can use these lights to highlight a feature such as a piano or a painting.

Comprehending Different Types of Ceiling Lights

When you will start looking for ceiling lights in India or any part of the world, you can come across several options in the form of:

  • Chandeliers & Linear Suspension – Such lights are an ideal option for hanging over dining tables, in the hallway, and in big entryways. In today’s world, chandeliers are available with crystal, rectangular, miniature, and Sputnik one designs.
  • Pendant Lights – Like chandeliers in design, pendants lights hang a little lower from a ceiling and are installed in their own or in clusters. In the contemporary world, these lights come up with several different shapes, sizes, finishes, and colours to cater to all your interior decoration.
  • Flush-Mount Lights – Such lights are very close to the ceiling and there is little or no gap between the fixture and the ceiling.
  • Semi-Flush Mount Lights – Attached with a short stem, there is little gap between the light and the ceiling.
  • Spotlights – Being adjustable in nature, such ceiling lights are hung to highlight specific areas in a space in a house or commercial setup.
  • Downlights – Such a light is a spotlight, which is attached to the ceiling and hung very lower towards the floor. It is used for general lighting in a particular space.
  • Recessed Lights – Installed inside the ceiling, such light is used for providing overhead light in a space in residential and commercial sectors as well.

What Ceiling Lights You Can Shop from WallMantra

WallMantra is the right platform for you whether you are looking for living room ceiling lightshanging ceiling lightshallway ceiling lightsbedroom ceiling lightsdecorative ceiling lightsmodern ceiling lightsfancy ceiling lightsdesigner ceiling lights, or kitchen ceiling lights. While browsing our page of pendant ceiling lights, you can come across wooden lights with a floral, pendant, bulb, heart, lotus, and star shape design.

How to Shop the Best Ceiling Lights Online

On WallMantra, you can come across numerous ceiling light options. Such availability can make your shopping process lengthy and tricky for you. Follow the tips mentioned below to shop the best hanging ceiling lights:

  • First of all, decide the type of ceiling light that could be a chandelier, pendant, flush mount, semi-flush mount, recessed, spot, and downlight.
  • Determine the size and it should be based on the ceiling space and height of a room
  • Choose the right shape. You can go with a heart, pendant, bulb, rectangular, or circular shape light for your room.
  • Don’t forget to think material. The material could be wood, iron, or copper, or steel. At WallMantra, you will come across wooden ceiling lights
  • Select the right colour and finish. In the colour selection, keep your room/space colour in mind.

Shop Ceiling Lights Online from WallMantra

Whether you want to hang a ceiling light in your living room, hall, entry way, office, bathroom or kitchen, you will find and buy the best one from WallMantra. Apart from hanging wooden ceiling lights and pendant lights, you can shop paintings, frame sets, wall shelves, clocks, wooden hangings, and decals online at reasonable prices.


How Should I Choose A Ceiling Light & Wall Light?

Answer:For the selection of a wall light or a ceiling light, know your decorative theme at first. After that, value your taste & choice, the shape & size of the required light, and the design. Never ignore going through the product specifications and features. At the end, you can look at the price tag.

What Size Should I Choose for My Floor Lamp Need?

Answer: In general, you place a floor lamp for highlighting an object placed on the floor or embellish the same. Some of you use a floor lamp for reading while sitting on the floor. In simple way, keep the purpose in mind in the size selection of your needed floor lamp.

What Is The Best Height For Wall Lights?

Answer: The best height for wall lights links to the place where you will install/mount it and the type. For example, you can go for a floor lamp that is 152inch in height. The best way to know the ideal height, know it well why you are buying the wall light.

What Are The Different Types Of Ceiling Lights?

Answer: From, you can buy different types of Ceiling Lights. As per your choice and taste, you can purchase ceiling lights with a heart, pendant, flower, lotus, star, round, rectangle, and bulb shape.


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