Black Tripod Floor Lamp
₹ 8,999 ₹ 6,999

Black Arch Floor Lamp
₹ 8,999 ₹ 6,999

Warm Aura Long Floor Lamp
₹ 5,999 ₹ 4,499

Orange Standing Light
₹ 5,144 ₹ 3,849

Yellow Modern Floor Lamp
₹ 5,144 ₹ 3,849

Multicolor Metal Floor Lamp
₹ 5,144 ₹ 3,849

Aesthetic Grey Standing Lamp
₹ 5,144 ₹ 3,849

Beige Metal Standing Lamp
₹ 5,144 ₹ 3,849

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Complete Your Home Decoration with a Stylish Floor Lamp 

Light is an integral part of any decoration. As per Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, a reputed interior designer, “Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space.” In his entire professional life, he has given utmost importance to light in all his interior designs. 

In fact, the use of a stylish wooden floor lamp is getting prominent and popular in the contemporary world. It is due to the advancements and evolutions happening in the lighting industry. From a simple old electric bulb to tube & LED light and a modern design floor lamp, you can come across lots of classy and trendy floor lamps. 

Benefits of having a floor lamp

As the name suggests, floor lamps are usually a standing lamp, which is placed on the floor at any location across your home. As per your wish and need, you can take a decorative modern design lamp to your living room, dining hall, or study room. Apart from being easy to move around, floor lamps come in several different designs, sizes, shapes, patterns, etc. to complement your home decoration needs.         

Used Materials 

At WallMantra, we have our own production house in which our skilled artists use optimum quality materials. Typically, we use high-grade imported engineered pine wood in the production of all our floor lamps. 


When it comes to buying and placing decorative items in your home, you pay utmost attention to the finishing. You do it to make your decoration look good and complete and stay away from any scratches on skin while moving the same. All our floor lamps have a fine finish and their paints last for a more extended period.  

Shapes and Sizes

On, you can come across stylish wooden floor lamps of several different shapes and sizes. However, the available standard size is 35 x 7 x 7 inches (length, width and height). 


 We offer our floor lamps in a wide array of themes and designs. On, you can quickly and easily find the modern design lamp that you are looking for. In your search, you can come across a tripod floor lamps and wooden floor lamp with leaf, floral, Christmas, motif, and honeycomb designs.           

Ideal for any occasion and space of your home or commercial setup

Being a customer-friendly home decor e-retailer, we keep your needs in mind and make highly portable floor lamps. You can place these side lights in your living room, conference area, study room, dining hall, and reception area. 

How to buy the right stylish floor lamp 

On, you have numerous choices when you decide to buy a modern design lamps. It depends on you what you choose and shop. Here are some useful tricks for your assistance:

  • Know your exact lighting requirement 
  • Explore the product to know the material used in the production 
  • Find the right size and height. For this, you can sit on your sofa and measure the height from the floor to your eye level
  • Know what included. Usually, our floor lamp pack consists of 1 metre wire, one ready to install lamp, one white LED bulb with a holder, and two screws with a wall plug

Buy a modern design floor lamp online on WallMantra

From a living room to reception area of a commercial establishment lighting, WallMantra is a one-stop destination for floor lamps. Illuminate your home or business establishment by selecting and shopping the best decorative floor lamp. We will deliver your ordered product safely at doorstep within the stipulated time. 


How Should I Choose A Ceiling Light & Wall Light?

Answer:For the selection of a wall light or a ceiling light, know your decorative theme at first. After that, value your taste & choice, the shape & size of the required light, and the design. Never ignore going through the product specifications and features. At the end, you can look at the price tag.

What Size Should I Choose for My Floor Lamp Need?

Answer: In general, you place a floor lamp for highlighting an object placed on the floor or embellish the same. Some of you use a floor lamp for reading while sitting on the floor. In simple way, keep the purpose in mind in the size selection of your needed floor lamp.

What Is The Best Height For Wall Lights?

Answer: The best height for wall lights links to the place where you will install/mount it and the type. For example, you can go for a floor lamp that is 152inch in height. The best way to know the ideal height, know it well why you are buying the wall light.

What Are The Different Types Of Ceiling Lights?

Answer: From, you can buy different types of Ceiling Lights. As per your choice and taste, you can purchase ceiling lights with a heart, pendant, flower, lotus, star, round, rectangle, and bulb shape.


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