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Get the Best Reflection of Your Look and Home Decor with Decorative Wall Mirrors

Since the evaluation of human civilization, mirrors have been used to see one’s reflection before going out of home. After leaving our bed, we get ready and go close to a mirror to see our own reflection. Some of us also ask ourselves how we look after seeing ourselves in the mirror. In the contemporary world, mirrors have evolved a lot and are not used only to see one’s reflection. They have become the part and parcel of home decoration. People like you use their desired decorative wall mirrors to fill the empty wall and get the right reflection of themselves.

Types of Wall Mirrors Available on WallMantra

At WallMantra, we value your home décor needs. And hence, we offer an exclusive and unique collection of decorative wall mirrors. In your search on, you can come across contemporary decorative wall mirrorssquare wall decorative mirrorslarge decorative wall mirrors, and rectangular decorative wall mirrors. Further, you can come across antique decorative wall mirrorsoval decorative wall mirrorsmodern decorative wall mirrorsdecorative bathroom wall mirrors, and colorful decorative wall mirrors.

Wooden Wall Mirror Designs

A mirror is an essential object in our daily life. Earlier used only for getting ready for outings, it is an integral part of home decoration. The availability in so many shapes, sizes, and designs makes our decorative wall mirrors an ideal art piece for your living room, dining hall, bathroom, and bedroom. At WallMantra, we offer modern decorative wall mirrors in slender leaf, round, oval, asymmetric, and rectangular designs. You will find the best one as per your home decoration needs.

All Decorative Wall Mirrors Sizes

WallMantra offers antique decorative wall mirrors to contemporary decorative wall mirrors in different sizes, which are a wall covering area and mirror size. The available sizes for modern wall mirrors are as follows:

How to Buy the Right Decorative Wall Mirrors?

A wall mirror is the piece that can break or make yours and your room look. Using the right wall mirror with antique or contemporary design will help you get what you dreamt of. To choose the shop some of the best decorative wall mirrors, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Decide the place where you want to install an antique or contemporary wall mirror. The place can be your bedroom, dining hall, living room, hotel, office, or bathroom
  • Select the right shape that can be round, circular, rectangular, oval, and diamond |Choose the right size. In the selection of the right size, you need to focus on both wall covering area and mirror area
  • Focus on style. Here, you can value your taste. Go with one of the best antique decorative wall mirrors if you want to have a classic look in your home decoration. Opt for the best contemporary decorative wall mirrors if your desire is to make your home decor look modern and stylish
  • Pay attention to the purpose. Yeah, the purpose of using a wall mirror differs from one place to another. Suppose that you are washing your hands and mouth after having your meal. You should choose a small to medium sized wall mirror for your wash basin at home or workplace    

Buy Online Wood Wall Mirrors on WallMantra

When it comes to buying Wooden wall mirrors online, WallMantra is the right platform for you. Here, we offer an exclusive collection of home decorating products that include wall clocks, frame sets, wooden hangings, paintings, and lamps, apart from an exclusive collection of wall mirrors. You will get your ordered stylish wall mirrors delivered safely at your doorstep within the stipulated time.

Online Wall Mirrors from WallMantra

WallMantra is a leading eCommerce website that comes in your way when you think of purchasing wall mounted mirrors online. As per your taste and choice, you can buy the best wall mirror from a wide assortment of mirrors in different shapes, sizes, and designs. In addition to wall mirrors, you can buy home decorative and organizing items such as paintings, clocks, wooden hangings, planters, wall shelves, frame sets, decals, decorative lamps, home bar cabinets, and aquariums online.


Different types of mirrors available to Shop at WallMantra

There are a variety of mirrors in various dimensions, shapes and borders to match your style. These are the various types of mirrors that you can purchase at WallMantra:

Wall Mirrors

They are available in a variety of sizes Wall mirrors are easily hung anywhere on the wall. From functional uses to ornamental usage for home design, wall mirrors are the best choice of the many kinds of mirrors. They can be placed in your living space, or dressing area in your vanity and dresser , or put in other places around your home to serve a decorative and aesthetic purpose. It’s possible to embellish your entryway or make a nice mantel in your home by using an oversized wall mirror. A wall mirror could also serve as a washbasin mirror in your bathroom or wash space. Mirrors that are stylish for home décor or bathroom mirrors to enhance the interiors of your space of routine, discover the best wall mirrors at WallMantra.

Full-Length Mirrors

There’s nothing better than having a complete length mirror to look at your entire body from head to toe. When you’re creating an outfit, draping the saree, or even examining the shoes that go with your outfit Full-length mirrors are necessary and perfect. We offer full-length mirrors that will give you a full reflection of you. At WallMantra you’ll find a variety of alternatives of full-length mirrors made of wooden frames, plain to classic designs, and the thicker ones to frameless that are a perfect fit to your style and your interior décor.

Table top and Handheld Mirrors

For a more detailed glance at your face Mirrors with handheld mirrors are ideal. Mirrors can be used to get a closer look at certain areas of your face while you’re doing your makeup or routines for skincare. Mirrors can be set on tables for additional utility. Both are smaller versions of mirrors that are essential to be able to use in conjunction with large gold frame wall mirrors to have the ideal combination of both! We offer unique and attractive gold frame mirrors with traditional as well as contemporary styles that will match your style!

LED Mirrors

A proper lighting system is crucial when using mirrors and therefore Mirrors with LEDs have lighting to provide you with ample illumination. They are also available in various shapes and sizes, and provide an excellent function and are convenient. They also come with an added benefit, they give incredible mirror selfies!

Decorate with Mirror Accents

Mirrors can add the look of interiors. They also are great décor pieces as well as furniture pieces that stand out. It is possible to style stunning entryways or even living rooms by incorporating abstract wall mirrors as stand-alone pieces or as part of sets and creating ornamental interior décor for your home. Browse through a wide selection of decorative mirrors exclusively from WallMantra.

Benefits of Buying a Mirror Online

There are many attractive and practical wall mirrors on the internet to fit any room in your home. If you shop online, you’ll have the option of looking for a variety of choices in terms of shape, size and styles of gold frame mirrors. It is possible to browse through the complete range of respected brands on the internet to help you make your final choice of the mirror you want.


What are Wall Mirrors?

Answer:Wall Mirrors are decorative pieces that are used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room while also serving a functional purpose. They are mounted on the wall and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.

What is WallMantra?

Answer: WallMantra is an online marketplace that specializes in providing a wide range of wall mirrors. They offer a vast collection of mirrors to cater to different styles, tastes, and preferences.

What are the different types of wall mirrors available on WallMantra?

Answer: WallMantra offers a range of wall mirrors including frameless mirrors, decorative mirrors, bathroom mirrors, full-length mirrors, and more.

What are the benefits of using wall mirrors in my home decor?

Answer: Wall mirrors can brighten up a room, create an illusion of space, and serve as a functional tool for getting dressed or grooming. They can also be used as a decorative piece to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room.

What are the different shapes of wall mirrors available on WallMantra?

Answer: WallMantra offers a variety of shapes including round, rectangular, square, oval, and more.

What are the different sizes of wall mirrors available on WallMantra?

Answer: WallMantra offers wall mirrors in different sizes to cater to different wall sizes and decor styles. The sizes range from small to large, including custom sizes.

What are the different materials used in the construction of wall mirrors on WallMantra?

Answer: WallMantra offers wall mirrors made of a variety of materials including glass, metal, wood, and more.

What is the warranty policy for wall mirrors on WallMantra?

Answer: WallMantra offers a warranty policy for their wall mirrors to ensure customer satisfaction. Details of the warranty policy can be found on the website.

Can I return or exchange the wall mirror if I am not satisfied with it?

Answer: Yes, WallMantra has a customer-friendly return and exchange policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return or exchange the product within a specified time frame.

How do I know what size wall mirror I need for my room?

Answer: To determine the size of the wall mirror you need, consider the size of the wall and the other decor elements in the room. A general rule of thumb is to choose a mirror that is proportional to the size of the wall and the room. You can also consult with a WallMantra representative for expert advice.