Count every hour in a day, and do it more effortlessly with large wall clocks. Regardless of what gadgets may come in for our ease, unique wall clocks that slay on walls carry an unmatchable vibe. Acting not just as time-tellers but also as exquisite pieces of decor, wall clocks complete the otherwise flat appearance. Pairing them with complementing wall colours even pours extra shine without indulging much. At Wallmantra, you will find every designer wall clock that, besides fitting into the interior theme, matches the same ambience created. 

Types of Unique Wall Clocks That Rob The Charm  

  • Metal Wall Clock- Known apparently for their sturdiness and attractive looks, large wall clocks intricately designed in metal are the show stoppers. Despite their availability in abundance, they are yet to capture the long-tailed list of unique wall clocksCustomized in every preferable colour, they confer the look you desire. Quirkiness, serenity, Classiness; a metal wall clock stands as the bundle of features.  
  • Wooden Wall Clock- Can a raw and rusty wooden appearance match any exorbitant vibe? Undoubtedly no, and this is what a wooden wall clock does to your home. No matter how many pricey decorative pieces one compiles, the look a designer clock of wooden conveys is unbeatable. A collection of designs is available on the site, from modern to a vintage wall clock. One only needs the appropriate direction for an unignorable impression. 
  • Pendulum Wall Clock- Manifest a large pendulum wall clock accentuating your living room and creating rhythmic sounds. It looks as serene as you feel. Also, this is one of the most creative inventions in wall clock history. The evolution became more meaningful with skilful artists living every minute detail. You can easily surf the designs as per your desire on Wallmantra that remain intact for years and create a visible difference in your space. 
  • 3D Wall Clock- If you want to create an illusion loved by many, a 3d wall clock sums up the perfect solution. Often made in large modern designs, these pieces seize attention as soon as they arrive. Hang them singlehandedly without any other element and enjoy their beauty to the fullest. Stuck on the wall like an integral part, it appears stunning like no other type. Bring home Wallmantra's modern wall clock 3D design and beautify your home. 

Modern Clocks For Bedroom

Simplicity and minimalism are not just for an insightful life but a beautiful home. A home gives a dreamlike look when elegance meets serenity, especially in bedrooms, where "less is more” is the key. A subtle wall for the LED on the one hand and only a luxury wall clock on the other look royal and ethereal. For bedrooms, you can select from the latest collection of 

  • Vintage Wall Clocks 
  • Large Wall Clocks 
  • Wooden Wall Clocks 
  • Designer Wall Clocks 

Insightful Tips for Installing Wall Clock In Bedroom as Per Vastu

  • East and North directions are preferable for hanging wall clocks. One should avoid the South altogether for peace and prosperity.
  • Never let a jammed wall clock be a part of your bedroom, as it can attract negative emotions and energies. 
  • Install the clock away from the bed as much as possible for a long-lasting married relationship. 

Designer Wall Clock for Living Room

Although people do not pay heed to what they are installing, there are a lot of differences to consider choosing a stylish wall clock for the living room. As the space is the centre of attraction and every particular installation matters, hanging a big wall clock can gape engagement. Besides a large designer wall clock, you can accumulate diverse stylish wall clocks displaying different time zones. You can also create symmetry by opting for different sizes and balanced designs. Make sure to have a luxury wall clock instead of stacking up the wall with other options. 

Most Thoughtful Gifting Option

If you are worried about gifts suitable for a newly-wed couple or a home inauguration ceremony, take something from the Wallmantra's exclusive wall clocks collection. The designs and quality are praiseworthy and economical. We let you choose from the abundance of variety available for your loved ones at exclusive offers. Every stylish wall clock is worth every penny expanded.      



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