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Buy the Latest and Modern Statue Figurines at a Reasonable Price with WallMantra!

Decorating light fittings, elegant wall art, and brand-new furniture can all bring new life into the home but decorating with statues is a much more effective method. By bringing textural interest and eclectic forms, and pops of shades into any space, these pieces can bring a modern look to every house. Folks who come with an affinity for nature-inspired adorning pieces completely fall in love along with the plethora of birds or animal figurines online.

At WallMantra, you can get a large collection of decorative figurines statues at very affordable prices. It also consists of everything from gorgeous multicolored elephants to statuesque iron giraffes. But, if traditional crafts and arts have a special place in the heart and feature Indian dancers and musicians, such incredible pieces are ideal choices.

In addition, these are ideal showpieces to display on a console or coffee table. Also, you can find contemporary figurines with hilarious and minimalist floral motifs too. It also complements modern space to bring extraordinary effects. Let’s find out more accurate details about such pieces in this article!

Shop For Different Bird Figurines Online at WallMantra!

  • Peacock – Indian figurines are a very sure shot way at providing a vintage aura and ethnic vibe in the house. Peacocks are elegant and extremely beautiful which makes them perfect for interior design. By purchasing these statues online, you can interestingly show them on a side table in the drawing area. At WallMantra, such bird antique pieces come in different sizes, shades, and shapes to satisfy your needs.
  • Owl – As we know that birds are best known for wisdom and owls are ideal choices for adorning figurines. Clay statues of owls are the perfect choice for showpieces as they can describe elegant, mysterious, and quirky appeal based on your needs.
  • Swan – In general, swans are known as the perfect symbol of purity and poise as they are perfect along with Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge). Because of their elegance and milky white color, their statues and figurines are placed around the home to make your space more peaceful and serene. We, from WallMantra, have miniature figurines that may be placed beside reflectors or on the side benches to draw attention. On the other hand, ceramic pieces are best altered on a TV bench or dining bench for making a desirable appearance.
  • Butterfly – Among the others, butterflies are very easy and the prettiest creatures in the entire world. Flaunting patterns and vivid colors, they are best known for making your space more free, fresh, and cheerful immediately. Their antique pieces for home décor can also uplift the mood of every room effortlessly. Additionally, these collectibles are perfect to be placed nearby wall clocks and photo frames.

What are the Different Types of Statues and Figurines Available at WallMantra?

Well, there are several types of collectibles available at WallMantra but some of them are the most popular like:

  • Miniature – If you have everything modern and new in the home and office, why should you go for regular glass paperweight? Just spruce up your space with a workstation by having small collectibles that can act as trendy and modern paperweights. By having these pieces, you can appeal to and brighten up mini toy figurines that can make great playthings for kids.
  • Indian – Nowadays, Indian collectibles may be of several types from figurines to religious idols. They are best to display traditional art forms of music and dance. Generally, idols of Ganesha are to be placed at the entryway of the house to welcome positive vibes along with good tidings. On the other hand, statues of Lord Krishna should be kept in the northeast direction of the house.
  • Buddha – Some people always like to bring harmony, joy, happiness, and peace to their homes. Additionally, they can also obtain several poses and sizes like meditating, laughing Buddha, etc. Each of them symbolizes a different part of the history of the lord. For example, a reclining Buddha always displays his enlightenment and can be installed in the meditation corner to encourage you to do the same.
  • Human – Such figurines have been essential historical artifacts. From ancient Greece to Chinese porcelain statues, users can get different human figurines at affordable prices. Just select a style and modern abstract idol that reflect your personality that can draw the attention of other people.
  • Others – In last, there are several kinds of statue figurines as per your requirements, designs, styles, and patterns. At WallMantra, you can get further designs like gardens, leaves and flowers, dancing, animals, and much more. The best part is that we have multiple pieces to deliver exogenous impacts in the entire house or office.

What are the Essential Tips to Décor Home with Figurines?

  • Place these pieces on the entryway to display a stopping welcome and it can be set up with different décor objects like flower vases, candle sticks, etc.
  • Usually, the dull corner can be immediately elevated with the assistance of collectibles. Make sure to arrange them with appropriate height, length, and breath.
  • While placing these statues on a console table, select designs in different shapes and sizes to create visual interest.
  • However, you can also change them according to your requirements, special occasions, and seasonal changes. For example, you can choose further designs for Christmas, Diwali, Holi, and other special events.

Shop For Designer statues & Figurines through WallMantra!

As we said, these collectibles come in several sizes, shapes, and designs for the users at WallMantra. All you need to choose the perfect design, style, and pattern that you want to add to the house. Within a few business days, your order will be in your house. However, you can also shop for adorning bed sheets, curtains, carpets, rugs, cushions, coverlets, TV units, shelves, cabinets, mirrors, and so on.