Seek Blessings & Boons with Sikh Wall Paintings at WallMantra!

Several people want to express their religion and interest. In this regard, wall arts are the best option to tell others about your religion. Many people like to use religious artworks to define their religion or God. However, such auspicious arts are best to bring joy, peace, and happiness to your life. Nowadays, Sikh artworks are increasing in popularity in the whole world. At WallMantra, we have different types of religious arts for your space.

By adding these arts, you can create an adorning and alluring environment at home/office. As per Sikhism, the pictures of “Waheguru” and “Khalsa” play a major role in the Sikh religion. If you belong to the same community, these arts are best for you. In terms of decoration and bringing prosperity, many people like to hang these religious wall arts.

Some Incredible Facts about Sikhs

In India, hundreds of religions and traditions are available in different languages. If we talk about the Punjabis, they always have blessings of their “Waheguru”. The beautiful art of their God is enough to bring prosperity within the premises. Here are some important points that you should know about Punjabis:

  • The first important thing is that they always go to Gurudwara for the worship of Waheguru. In the whole world, you can search for different Gurudwaras. In other words, their culture is spreading throughout the entire world.
  • Their sacred word is called “Guru” and there were 10 humans Guru who found this religion.
  • As per the mythology, “Guru Nanak” was the primary guru, and “Guru Gobind Singh” was the last guru among the 10 of them.
  • All of the Guru plays a vital role in founding this incredible religion.
  • Lastly, Punjabis like to serve food to others. That’s why; they always organize “Langar” in Gurudwara for the poor people.

Types of Designs at WallMantra

According to every religion, we, at WallMantra, have a unique collection of wall paintings. For Punjabis, we have different types of designable and religious arts. Have a look at some of the examples:

  • Ek Onkar Wooden Framed 5 Pieces Canvas Design
  • Golden Temple Scenery in Canvas Print
  • Khanda Dual Layer Wooden Wall Clock
  • Khanda Lion Design Wooden Wall Hanging
  • Guru Nanak Dev Ji Canvas Wall Printed Art
  • Guru Gobind Singh 4 Pieces Art Framed on Wood
  • Attractive Khanda Design in Circle Wooden Hanging
  • Ek Onkar Sikh Wall Sticker High-Quality Vinyl

Where You Can Place Such Religious Sikh Wall Arts?

At WallMantra, we include religious paintings as per your different locations. With lots of varieties, you can get these pictures at a reasonable price. First of all, it is auspicious wall art that means you have to be careful while placing it. Here are some best locations where you can place them:

  • At home, you can hang these arts in the living room, bedroom, Puja Ghar, dining room, hall, and drawing-room.
  • It is important to avoid some negative areas like a corridor, balcony, toilet, washroom, and under staircase or nearby dustbin.
  • The entrance of the home and office is the best place to hang these religious arts. In this way, you can prevent your dwellings from sorrow, sadness, and negativity.
  • For the best theme, you need to choose the attractive pattern of Gurudwara, Waheguru, Ek Onkar, Khalsa, Khanda, and so on. These layouts are so popular and auspicious for your space.

How to Buy Decorative Sikh Paintings from WallMantra?

Compared to other paintings, the demand for Punjabis arts is increasing day by day. Most people like to have pictures of Gurudwaras at home or office. If you are one of them, choose WallMantra for your best and most stylish wall art. However, you can also compare the price because we don’t take higher charges from our customers. For more information, you can also explore our e-commerce website.


At WallMantra, you can avail beautiful types of home accessories. In other words, you can also shop for mirrors, wall clocks, lamps, wall plates, framesets, photo frames, cabinets, wooden hangings, lighting exposure, and so on.

What Are The Best Wall Paintings & Arts For Decorating A Living Room?

Answer:It is hard to say that some particular paintings or artworks are best for your living room. You can decide it yourself which wall art or painting will be best for your living room. In this, you can explore yourself and find out what your art tastes & choices and what the decorative theme of your living space is.

What Are The Best Wall Paintings & Arts For My Bedroom?

Answer: It is only you who can help you in this regard. In your bedroom, you can opt for hanging a painting with a nature, romantic, or religious theme. As for example, you can go for hanging a painting of a romantic couple if you want to ignite the romance in your life.

Is Cash On Delivery (COD) Available?

Answer: Yes, COD is available on all our decorative items, including paintings. Pay the bill/total amount in cash to the delivery executive when he/she hands over your ordered painting.

How Long Will I Take To Receive My Ordered Painting?

Answer: At WallMantra, we value your time. And hence, we take every possible effort to deliver your ordered painting within the stipulated time. Usually, you will receive your ordered paintings in 7-8 working days. In the case of any delay, we will keep you updated via SMS/email.

Is It Hand Painted Or Digitally Printed?

Answer: All our paintings are digitally printed. First of all, our designers design a painting. After that, we print it by using the high definition photo print technology. We send all our paintings with/without wooden frames as per your choice and need.

How Will I Track My Ordered Wall Painting?

Answer: After receiving your order and confirmation on your order from you, we start the delivery process. As we hand over your ordered painting to the currier agent, we inform you about it and produce a Tracking ID to you through SMS or email.

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