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In India, there are numerous cultures and religions. Each of them has different opinions, regions, deities, etc. Similarly, people come from different religions mainly in India. As per Hindu mythology, people should not sit on the floor while worshiping during any puja. Mostly, they choose wooden seats or mats while worshiping but never on the floor. Also, they like to sit on their seats while having lunch, breakfast, and dinner. Today, we are going to tell about several kinds of pooja seats while worshiping their god and goddess.

However, there are numerous reasons behind not sitting on the floor while having food, worshiping, and other things. As per Hinduism, Hindus always love hygiene or cleanliness whether they go outside or stay at home/office. At WallMantra, beautiful seats are available that can help you to sit for a long time. But, do you ever think about why we shouldn’t sit on the ground while doing puja? Well, there are some specific reasons behind sitting on such accessories.

What are the Scientific Reasons for Having Puja Seats?

Because of scientific reasons, the demand for this attractive seating is increasing day by day. We are providing auspicious puja seating for all those who don’t like to sit on the floor. However, have a look at some scientific reasons behind these home appliances:

  • As per a recent study, Mother Earth can transfer and absorb energy from us.
  • If we are connected to the ground directly during puja, the power incorporated inside may be absorbed by Earth immediately.
  • The seat or mat works as a mediator between Mother Earth and the devotee. Also, you can get energy from the player while sitting on these lovable accessories.
  • Instead of specific aasan, it is better to obtain such seating for your household or office.
  • Temple grounds may indeed have several insects and germs because human beings come there to worship. To escape your body from getting infected by any germ or bacteria, we should avoid sitting on the ground. In this way, one can stay away from unwanted diseases or infections.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, individuals should avoid sitting on the floor while performing puja. When we sit on different asanas, we may definitely get lots of peace, happiness, money, and knowledge. Plus, people should use silk, cotton, or woolen pooja seating at home. 

What is the Direction to Place a Temple in your House?

Before placing a puja seat, it is important to arrange the temple in an appropriate area. In this regard, you should go through Vastu Shastra's tips like:

  • If you want to obtain good luck at home, make sure to place the temple at the eastern or north-eastern corner of the house. However, it is a well-known area to get lots of positive energy. Sometimes it is also called the northeastern side of the home.
  • Make sure to keep the face of deities in the west direction and the face of a worshiper should be in the east direction. Also, it is the best way to get proper blessings, happiness, harmony, and knowledge.
  • When it comes to keeping Diya, make sure to place or light it in a southeast direction. It will keep you bringing lots of joy and peace to your house.
  • In reality, pooja ghar is an important and perfect area of the home for worshiping God. As per Vastu, worshippers should keep some insulation while sitting or paying in the pooja room. In such a situation, you can choose carpet or mat or small stool (puja chowki) at WallMantra. We always take care of every festival for every religion in India. That’s why; we have a large collection of auspicious and beautiful accessories.

What Should You Avoid While Placing Beautiful Temples?

Look, puja seating always looks good if the temple is in the right place. Here are some things to avoid while placing temples at home/office:

  • It is important not to choose a washroom or toilet area for placing any kind of Mandir in your home. However, these areas are considered negative and inappropriate areas for placing these auspicious items.
  • Don’t put or hang a wooden Mandir in the bedroom area. But, if you don’t have other options because of some management issues, you can place these accessories at some height. Also, make sure to hide it with a door or curtain and avoid idols from direct eye contact.
  • Don’t place ancestral images in these temples because it is inauspicious as per Vastu Shastra.
  • It is important not to place Khandit Murti (damaged idols) in such pieces. Also, don’t place heavy idols because they may damage your Mandir.

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