Pichwai Wall Art – Add One Of Our Most Popular and Traditional Paintings to Bring Aesthetic Feelings!

When it comes to décor houses through paintings, there are several options available for all people. For example, nature-related animals, birds, oceans, sunrises, sunsets, and several other alternatives are available. Many people like to décor their abode in the traditional way. If you are also searching for different paintings in rustic style then WallMantra is here to provide Pichwai paintings. We know that numerous people are not aware of such types of artworks.

Generally, Pichwai wall art is also known as Pichwai which is a kind of traditional art style. It originated in Rajasthan and was designed to offer rustic designs within the premises. The primary feature of such pictures is the painting of ShreenathJi or Lord Krishna. In addition, this decorative artwork highly uses dark rich colors on fabric to spread positivity.

At WallMantra, we always take care of the choice of our customers and several people are searching for Pichwai paintings. These types of pictures have deep spiritual roots and are designed with the greatest devotion by traditional artisans.

Most of the time, users will find Lord Krishna holding a wide Govardhan hill on his little finger. On the other hand, other types of pictures of Shri Krishna are represented and taken up to décor the entire room!

Find Out Some Authentic Pichwai Wall Art at WallMantra!

In reality, the look of such adorning pictures is the primary reason behind their popularity among them. They always look stunning and need plenty of time to complete. At WallMantra, you can also find out other common subjects of such artworks like Gopis, Radha Rani, Cows, Lotuses, Gwalas, etc. Generally, these artworks also signify other festivals like Raas Leela, Sharad Purnima, Govardhan Puja, Gopashtami, Janmashtami Celebrations, Holi, Nand Mahotsav, and Diwali. Have a look at some exogenous points:

  • The Continuous Motifs – The word “Pichwai '' is derived from the word “pichh” which refers to back and “wai” which refers to hangings. Usually, it was initially established by pushtimarg in the early 16th century. Such adorning pieces were used to adorn the main temple of Srinath to celebrate several events or seasons related to Lord Krishna along with his life. Hence, the beautiful picture can find a special place in your home to spread positivity and auspiciousness.
  • The Gold Guild – At WallMantra, you can also obtain the premium and more expensive versions of Pichwai paintings. Also, we contain more intricate versions of stone, cows, and mineral colors to obtain the best outcomes. Honestly, these items are extremely hand-painted and detailed to give a positive ambiance.
  • Purist Versions – In last, it is one of the most popular and fashionable pictures of Lord Krishna which is done on fabric through rich and dark hues. In your house, the religious and auspicious energy can spread properly by adding these pieces.

Let’s Find Out Some Modern Versions of Pichwai Paintings!

  • Greyscale – First of all, you can opt for a grayscale version of these beautiful pictures at WallMantra. However, they are usually called 24 swaroopa which can describe the exact 24 divine types of Shreenathji in the shape of miniature styles. Usually, they have some or no historical precedence in home decor.
  • On Clothing Fabric – To highlight this adorning artwork, new artists come into existence. Also, you can find creative enthusiasts that you are looking to put into the procedure. In this process, you can use the same for natural fabrics to bring a positive impact on the entire house.
  • Silken Variants – These types of variants mainly use paper and silk along with organic stones to obtain the live story of Lord Krishna and the forests. In this section, the gates of Gopashtami and Nathdwara are picturized to obtain positive outcomes. These depictions are completely based on some auspicious subjects like Kunj, Lord Krishna, or around the popular havelis. Through WallMantra, users can also go for a monochromatic framework to give a fresh and alluring look for the same.

Use Pichwai Wall Art for Home Décor Requirements through WallMantra!

Well, these adorning images are an ideal way to décor the walls and bring spiritual and beauty fervor to the room. Here are some options through which you can décor your adobe with such artworks:

  • Ceiling Mounted Lamps – According to the rule of thumb, mounted lamps should be positioned in such a way that the light beam hits the middle of the painting. In this way, you can get an alluring environment without having any trouble.
  • Avoid the use of Natural Light – While placing these designer and traditional pieces, ensure not to place them in natural light. It is because the delicate design and pattern can be exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet rays. These infrared lights can lose their sheen and no one wants to damage such expensive paintings.

Shop For Decorative and Luxurious Pichwai Wall Art Online at WallMantra!

Are you ready to give a designer an alluring appearance in every corner of the house? If yes then don’t waste your time because WallMantra is here to give a tremendous look. Also, we have adorning accessories like bed sheets, TV units, key holders, curtains, mirrors, clocks, table fountains, floral wall décor, abstract art, office décor, landscape art, etc.


What is Pichwai Art?

Answer:Pichwai art is a form of traditional Indian painting that originated in the town of Nathdwara in Rajasthan. It is a style of painting that depicts Lord Krishna and scenes from his life, often set against a backdrop of lush green landscapes and intricate patterns.

How is Pichwai Art made?

Answer: Pichwai art is typically made on large pieces of cloth, using natural dyes and pigments. The paintings are highly detailed and intricate, often featuring gold and silver accents. The process of creating Pichwai art is time-consuming and requires a great deal of skill and patience.

What is the history of Pichwai Art?

Answer: Pichwai art has been around for over 400 years and is closely associated with the Vallabhacharya sect of Hinduism. The art form originated in the town of Nathdwara in Rajasthan, which is home to a famous temple dedicated to Lord Krishna.

What are the different types of Pichwai Art?

Answer: There are several different types of Pichwai art, including Shrinathji Pichwai, Govardhan Pichwai, and Nandgaon Pichwai. Each type of painting depicts a different scene from Lord Krishna's life and has its own unique style and color palette.

What is the significance of Pichwai Art?

Answer: Pichwai art is highly valued in Hindu culture and is often used as a way of depicting Lord Krishna and his life in a beautiful and intricate way. The paintings are also considered to be sacred and are often used as part of religious ceremonies and rituals.

What is the role of Pichwai Art in modern India?

Answer: Pichwai art continues to be an important part of Indian culture and is highly valued by collectors and art enthusiasts. Many artists are working to preserve the tradition of Pichwai art and promote it both in India and around the world.

What is WallMantra?

Answer: WallMantra is an online marketplace that specializes in unique and high-quality home decor products, including Pichwai art. They offer a wide range of products, from wall art and tapestries to furniture and lighting.

What types of Pichwai Art products does WallMantra offer?

Answer: WallMantra offers a wide range of Pichwai art products, including canvas prints, wall hangings, and tapestries. They also offer a range of sizes and designs to suit different tastes and preferences.

How can I purchase Pichwai Art products from WallMantra?

Answer: You can purchase Pichwai art products from WallMantra by visiting their website and browsing their selection. Once you have selected the product you want, simply add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. WallMantra offers fast and secure shipping to customers all over India.

Are WallMantra's Pichwai Art products authentic?

Answer: Yes, WallMantra's Pichwai art products are authentic and made using traditional techniques and materials. They work directly with skilled artists and craftsmen to ensure the highest quality and authenticity of their products.
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