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Modern Wall Clocks and Watches for Home/Office

Buying a modern wall clock can be a tricky job for you, especially when you want a timepiece to look attractive and complement your home/office decoration. In today’s world, most of you look for function and form. And this has enforced artisans or clock manufacturers to come up with clocks in several decorative styles, designs, and shapes. At WallMantra, we are a huge & exclusive collection of small to large modern wall clocks for every space in your home or business setup. Before you move ahead to shop a modern wooden wall clock, have a look at what clocks you can shop from WallMantra.   

Modern Wall Clocks and Watches Available at WallMantra

WallMantra is the most preferred eCommerce site when it comes to shop modern wall clocks online. You will get something special and unique whether you are looking for a modern pendulum wall clock, modern digital wall clock, modern wall watch, modern living room wall clocks, or modern kitchen wall clocks. In your search for a modern wall clock on, you can come across a clock with a clock text, boomerang, tree, floral, designer number, broken, diamond, or heart shape. Further, you can come across modern wall watches with a football, dear face, or a contemporary design. When it comes to themes, you can find and shop modern wall clocks with a romantic, spiritual, nature, or animal theme.    

How to Shop the Best Modern Wall Clock 

You can get overwhelmed in your purchase of a modern wall clock online due to the availability of so many options on Some of you may find it hard to make a great choice for a decorative timepiece to enhance the interior look of your home or commercial establishment. Here are some useful tips for your assistance:

  • Decide the place where you want to hang a modern wall watch. The place could be your living room, dining hall, bedroom, kitchen, or the reception of a commercial setup 
  • Determine the theme. In today’s world, clocks are available in several different themes such as romance, religion, and nature. Suppose that you decide to buy a modern watch with a romantic theme. You can select a clock with a heart shape or a canvas clock having an image of a romantic couple 
  • Choose a right-sized clock. When it comes to selecting clock size, you should focus on the space where you will hang a wall clock. For a larger room, you should shop for a large modern wall clock  
  • Select a shape. The market around you or on the Internet is flooded with round/circular, square, rectangular, diamond shape clocks. Value your taste to choose the right size for your home/office clock   

Buy Modern Wall Clocks Online from WallMantra  

WallMantra, a Home Decor Store, is the right platform to shop modern wall clocks online. Here, you will find the most suitable modern wall watch whether you want to hang it in your bedroom, hall, living room, kitchen, or office. Apart from clocks, you can shop decals, paintings, wall shelves, wooden hangings, and lamps online from WallMantra.


Where Should The Wall Clock Be In The Living Room?

Answer: The hanging of a wall clock depends on what you want to do with it. To attract wealth, you can install it on the East or North wall of your living room. You can hang it from the West wall when you find hanging from the Eastern/Northern wall don’t allow you to see the time clearly.

What's The Range Of Wall Clocks Available On Your Website?

Answer: At, we have wall clocks with several different price tags. As per your budget, you can come across a wall clock with a price tag of Rs 1, 199 to Rs 8, 999.

Which Type Of Wall Clock Is Good For Home?

Answer: Which type of wall clock you should hang totally depends on you. Only for time display, you can install a simple wall clock. However, you can opt for hanging pendulum, vintage, modern, and premium wall clocks to embellish a room in your home.

Do You Provide Wall Clocks Of Bigger Size?

Answer: Yes, you can buy a bigger wall clock from WallMantra. The maximum size for a wall clock that we sell is 61cm * 61cm.

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