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Whether you are willing to adorn a space at your home or workplace, you will find and buy the best Mandala Art Frame Paintings from WallMantra. To adorn your home, you can consider buying other home décor items that could be aquariums, mirrors, planters, lamps, smart furniture, wall plates, photo frames, wooden hangings, clocks, and wall shelves.

Mandala in Sanskrit means "circle". Beautiful patterns and motifs drawn inside concentric circles give mandala art almost a hypnotic beauty. Beautify your interiors with our wide range of Mandala art wall frames. We bring you best quality Mandala framed art made of premium materials and utmost craftsmanship. They are perfect to hang anywhere from living room to bedroom to offices.

Mandala symbolizes the universe in it’s ideal form, and it’s very creation portrays the transformation of a universe which is suffering into a universe of joy.  Additionally, it also aids in meditation. Mandala has sprung from Buddhism and it flourished majorly in India, Tibet, China, Nepal, Japan, Bhutan and Indonesia in 4th century.

About the painters

Majority of the painters in the past were humble layman, belonging to the family whose hereditary occupation was painting. Most painters were monk, and other were authentic follower of religion. Also, in Tibetan Buddhism, the painters were required to undergo several rites first to begin with.

Mandalas in modern times are considered rather therapeutic. It is both symbolic and acts as agent of therapy. The circle at the very center of Mandala is believed to make oneself grounded, while the outer shapes, designs, colors and symbols portrays the inner realms of the person creating it. This is how a mandala art becomes a doorway that leads to path of inner realms of one’s self.

Mandala has found its place in design and fashion as well. From yoga pants and ethnic wear to contemporary style adornments, Mandala has been utilized as an image in the present design industry.

The Mandala is not generally restricted to being a sacrosanct image of Buddhism or Hinduism. The completeness of the universe addressed by the Mandala in eastern way of thinking has now started to arise in western religion and common societies. As a workmanship treatment, Mandala can get a change us. We really want to see Mandala past an image. We really want to perceive the groundbreaking force of Mandala, of its capacity to change ourselves, our life reason and the planet overall.

Will My Picture Be Ready To Hang On The Wall?

Answer: Almost yes, we send you a photo frame as per your chosen size. After receiving the frame, you will have to insert photos or images into the frame before hanging it from your living room, dining hall, or any space wall in your home.

Can You Frame A 3d Item?

Answer: Yes, we can. For framing a 3D item, you need to call or email us at 84486 59940 and

Where Can I See Photos Of Your Frames?

Answer: After logging onto, you need to go to our categories of Photo Frames, Collage Photo Frame, to see the photos of our frames. In the case of any query in this regard, you can contact us at at 84486 59940 and

How Much Will It Cost To Frame My Picture?

Answer: It is hard to say without knowing your exact need for photo frames. Get in touch with our customer care executives by calling/emailing them at at 84486 59940 and

Can I Track My Order Online?

Answer: Of course, yes. As we hand over your ordered products to our esteemed courier partner, we share a link and customer ID with you. After opening the link, you can easily track your ordered products online.

Is Cash On Delivery Applicable For Every Artwork?

Answer: Yes, we offer COD or Cash on Delivery on almost all our artwork and decorative items. For specific information, you can talk or email our customer care executives at 84486 59940 and
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