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Exclusive Luxury Home Décor Accessories

Luxe décor or rather luxury home décor refers to the ornamental decoration of your interior in a way which is elite and refined, much different from the casual decoration. Luxe décor takes into account the vibrant black and gold hue that makes any interior have a royal appearance.  WallMantra’s luxe décor collection includes luxury frames set, classic gold painted furniture, metallic wall décor and wall clocks, golden ceiling lights and furnishing elements like bedsheet, rugs and carpets.

Luxury home décor items demands updated designer elements that match the modern standard of luxe. You should consider few things in mind while switching to luxury interior such as:

1. What’s Your Design Objective?

Consider cautiously about what you need to accomplish. Consider your budget and whether you want to recruit an interior designer. Research thoughts and begin gathering catalogues, plan thoughts, and costs for materials. Making a timeless luxe décor does require some amount of time.

2. Choose Neutral  Colors For Background

Intense, vibrant colors are popular, however they perpetually go out of fashion. Rich orange, brown and purple looked perfect during the 70s, however luxe décor comes out the best with neutral color in the background. They are tasteful and ageless. Assuming that you want to add tone, use accessories and bold table accents.

3. Use Natural Materials

Regular materials like oak, rock, stone, fleece, and silk are timeless and ever attractive. While plastic and steel travel every which way in the interior design wall, normal materials are intrinsically persevering, lovely, or more all, utilitarian.

4. A Sense of Luxury

The concept of timeless décor and luxury décor usually go hand in hand and are actually inseparable. Here the point is to get a feeling of rich refinement while staying pragmatic and useful. To accomplish this, use quality and classy decorative items. This kind of look won’t ever go out of style.

5. Blend and Match

The least demanding method for planning a subject that won’t date is to blend and match various components. Get classic furniture, sharp current stockpiling arrangements, some cutting edge craftsmanship, and a couple of painstakingly picked accent pieces. On the off chance that your room doesn’t fit one style, it is successfully ever-enduring.

6. Make a Focal Point

Put a dazzling showpiece or a metal wall art or one of a kind furniture to make a point of convergence for the room. Anything you pick, ensure it is an impression of your character, as this will make the look timeless.

7. Clean up the Space

Mess is in every case terrible news. Decorations and collectibles typically mirror the latest things and time. Eliminate anything that secures your stylistic theme to a particular period in time and supplant it with nonpartisan pieces, exemplary books, and unique workmanship.

8. The Antique Charm

Current furnishings and collectibles come all through design inside a couple of years. Scandinavian style is right now on-pattern, however in 20 years’ time your Billy cabinet will have turned into a dull artefact. For a timeless and smart look, use one of a kind antique piece produced using quality materials like oak.

With Wallmantra, exclusive luxury home décor items interior doesn’t require much of a brainstorming. Our curated elements of décor will do a fine job in bringing out a mesmerizing luxe look with the patent color of black and gold. Right from the wall to the floor, you get to grace every space with us.


Luxury Home Décor & Outdoor Furniture

Welcome to WallMantra, the ultimate online showroom. We provide the finest in luxury home interior décor. Our selection is of top quality. The size and quality of our selection are unrivalled; no matter if you want office furniture, home furniture, outdoor furniture or lighting, you’ll find it here. At WallMantra, we guarantee to find what you want.


Visit our website to find an array of luxurious interior décor styles. Our vast selection will help you design the style you want. At WallMantra, there are classic and traditional styles and modern and modern designs. We carry geographical-national styles, including Parisian, English, Chinese, Californian, Scandinavian, and Southwest. You will find styles influenced by specific architectural styles for homes, like the coastal, cottage villa, country, and manor. Also, we have furniture designed in all the eras you love, like Old World, Art Deco, Industrial, and Mid-century Modern. We have everything starting from Madison Avenue to Bohemian Chic. Whatever you’re looking to find, you’ll find it here at WallMantra.


Decorate Your Living Space with the most delicate contemporary, traditional and transitional styles at the most affordable price you’ll ever find, with a guarantee. Our carefully curated selection of luxurious home decor features more than 300 brands and the top living furniture sets, dining room furniture, sets for bedroom lighting, office sets, outdoor furniture, and much more. If a set isn’t what you require right now, buy individual pieces such as dining tables or dressers on their own.


Living Room Are you making a fresh start in a new house? Could you please look into an overhaul of your home? Whatever the case, finding new furniture for your home can be thrilling! Please choose from our vast selection of styles that will complement your existing decor or completely transform your living space. No matter if you require an extra chaise lounge or extra chest for your accent, WallMantra can turn your ideas into reality.


Luxury Home Décor for Dining Area

Find the most luxurious home décor for your dining area, which will enhance your enjoyment of your meals and show your taste in food. The quality of your dining experience is directly related to the level of quality in your relations. This is the reason why WallMantra provides the finest available. To set up a table with friends to enjoy a glass of wine, you should consider the Californian design that reflects the bright, sun-drenched glamour that is Napa Valley. To enjoy a crème Brylee that will transport you back to cafes in and the Old World, shop our collection of tables that are Parisian in style.


Bedrooms – Luxury Décor

Design Your bedroom by incorporating pieces that encourage relaxation. Contact our friendly customer service staff to choose the perfect mattress for your needs. Choose a mattress that does nothing is whispers great dreams to your ears. Include a matching chest and nightstand to blend your lifestyle and complete the room that is a sanctuary of desires.


Luxury Office Space Decoration

WallMantra can help you design your own home office that reflects the style and style of your house, offering the finest in high-end interior décor. Or, we can assist you in creating an entry point into the business world, which is as distinct from Millionaire’s Row and differs in comparison to Wall Street. Either way, your home office is a hub for scheduling, financial plans and telecommuting. WallMantra provides the most luxurious executive offices so that you can work comfortably.


Interior Décor

Show off your style by designing the décor and accessories inside your home. Decorating your room is a way to define and enhance the look and feel of a space. Accessories can be used to tie items of luxurious décor to a room to give them just the right amount of emphasis. Shop for WallMantra’s room décor and accessories for your home to enhance the overall look and feel of the rooms in your home.


Area Rugs

Rugs can change the appearance and feel of rooms. Adding a rug to your new home or apartment will make you feel that this is where you belong. Bring your home’s design to life by putting on one of our exquisite rugs. If you choose to put a rug in an entranceway, kitchen or bedroom or dining areas, you will feel a sense of warmth and relaxation can be felt the same. Put a rug in place to cut down on the noise, shield the floors from wear and enhance the comfort of your home. Explore our collection of more than 34,000 designs from the top brands.



The lighting creates the mood for the overall style of your home. The proper lighting can transform a well-lit interior. Lighting adds texture and ambience to your home’s high-end design. Different lighting qualities can alter the mood of a space. The interior and exterior of your house shine. Find lighting options for your bathroom, kitchen, dining room, foyer, bedroom, and outdoors at WallMantra.


Outdoor Living

To design a space outside your house that is conducive to relaxation, browse our outdoor collections. The exterior of your home extends the interior. This is why WallMantra provides the furniture for the outdoor space you require. Create a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy and companionship with the luxurious furniture and decor from WallMantra.