Golden Temple Paintings – Add Religious, Attractive, and Spiritual Art to Protect Your Adobe!

These days, auspicious pictures are the perfect themes for those who have deep faith in religiousness. Usually, they are the best expressions of spiritual principles for several years. The real fact is that we can avoid other pictures being hung in our homes. But, our soul never denies the religious Golden Temple Paintings. These pictures can influence everyone’s mind. Also, people are buying several arts of their desirable deities. Lord Hanuman, Jesus Christ, Maa Durga, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Waheguru, Islamic, and others are the most popular pieces.

In India, there are several cultures and languages according to the state. If we talk about Punjab then you will get several Gurudwaras in every district and city. Among the other religious place, the golden temple is one of the most popular places for worshipping in Amritsar, Punjab. Such a place is not only for Punjabis but also for other religions like Hindus, Muslims, Christians, etc. It is the most admired Gurudwara in India and human beings come from far places to visit here. At WallMantra, you can get the beautiful paintings of Golden Temple at an affordable price!

Facts That You Don’t Know About Golden Temple

It is also known as the “Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara” which belongs to peace, calm, and also provides warm hospitality to others. The significant feature of the temple is that it offers spiritual power and some myths. Here are a few important facts with which you should be familiar:

  • Lord Buddha Meditated at This Place – Recent studies show that Lord Buddha spends several years in meditation at this religious place. In ancient times, this place was a lake surrounded by big forests.
  • Constructed by the Fifth Sikh Guru – The construction of this temple had been initiated with the presence of the fifth Sikh Guru (Guru Arjan). However, he was the only person that formulated the structure of Sri Harmandir Sahib.
  • After Covering Gold, It has been Named – When this place acquired lots of gold in its construction, it was named Golden Temple. In 1762, this auspicious heritage was destroyed and burnt by the Islamic rulers.
  • The Death of Baba Deep Singh Held at This Place – It is true that Baba Deep Singh died in this religious temple during a fierce battle. Also, he found against 5 thousand men in 1757. After winning the battle, he died by keeping his head in hand.
  • Available for All Caste, Religions, and Creed – This spot is open for all religions and castes. Muslim, Christian, Hindu, and other religions are most welcome at this epic place. Everyone will feel calm and at peace after entering the premises.

Why Have a Golden Temple Painting?

In every household, a religious picture plays an important role. For Sikh tradition, this painting is important because:

  • It Brings Calmness and Tranquility – At every home, finding a calm and peaceful environment is difficult. But, it can be easy after worshipping in front of such artwork. It can bring all the things together and keep your mind relaxed with free from stress.
  • It Creates a Spiritual Theme – In your prayer hall, living room, and bedroom, you can place the Golden Temple painting. This picture can create a spiritual environment within the premises. Every member can obtain blessings with Waheguru at home.
  • It Provides Proper Protection – If you want to prevent negative energies and sorrow, the presence of these religious pictures is important. They will help to protect your adobe against several negative vibes.
  • It Gives a Beautiful Look – In every corner, these pictures will provide a beautiful appearance. From WallMantra, these auspicious things are quite popular and incredible for completing the decoration. You can avail the exogenous designs of these decorative images from our religious collection.
  • It Enriches the Space – When people like to select a preferable artwork in religious form, most of them go ahead according to the culture. Apart from religious themes, they are best for enriching the space.

Why Go Ahead with WallMantra for Adopting Golden Temple Paintings?

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