Bring Nature Close to You in Your Home with Wall Hanging Planters 

You love nature and want to be in its lap. However, you don’t do it due to several reasons such as your busy lifestyle and lack of space in or around your home. You know nothing is impossible if you decide to get or to do what you want. Your creative mind and well-planned ideas & efforts pave the way forward to it. You can bring nature close to you if you can’t get into it. And bringing nature close to you is possible with more than one set of unique hanging planters.  

A hanging planter is a metal/wood structure, which you used to place the potted plants and hang the same from your home wall or ceiling. Hanging planters made of wood are wooden planters. These planters have significant importance in the current world, as people feel a lack of space or have no front yard or backyard. And WallMantra is ready to help you in creating an indoor garden in your home with an exclusive collection of wall mounted planters.

Designs, Shapes, and Sizes of Wall Hanging Planters Available on WallMantra

WallMantra is your first choice when it comes to shop wall hanging planters online. Here, we value your expectations in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs. And hence, we offer our garden wall shelves in several different shapes, sizes, and designs. You can shop unique wall hanging planters in round, hexagonal, rectangular, curve, and diamond shapes on When it comes to the size of a wall mounted planter, we offer it in several different sizes in terms of width, height, and thickness. The available standard sizes are as follows:

  • 11.5 inch x 19.5 inch x 6.5 inch
  • 18 inch x 7 inch x 7 inch 
  • 18 inch x 36 inch x 7 inch 

How to Buy the Right Wall Hanging Planters?

Using a Wall Mounted Planter is an excellent way to convert the wall of your living room, dining hall, bedroom, reception area, or office into a live garden. Creating an indoor garden will be successful when you choose the right planters, pots, plants, and allied accessories. Here are some useful tips for selecting the right hanging planters:

  • Determine the wall area to hang potted plants on it. In the selection, you need to keep load capacity in mind. Selecting a strong wall with load bearing capacity of 20-25 kg will be beneficial for you
  • Decide the material. Hanging planters are made of several different materials such as iron, steel, copper, and wood. Our wall mounted planters are made of wood and come up with a rope or metal structure. They are ready to hang. 
  • Select the right shape. You can go with a hanging planter with a round, hexagonal, rectangular, oval, diamond, or curve shape
  • Choose the ideal size. Here, size means the size of the wooden structure, which comprises width, height, and thickness. Single a layer hanging planter is smaller in comparison with one of multiple layers. 
  • Select the right layer. You can go with the hanging planter of 1-3 or more layers based on your decoration and in-house gardening ideas.  
  • Focus on colour. While choosing the right colour (white, red, yellow, and a combination of these three), you need to keep the colour of your wall and pots in mind. 
  • Explore the accessories available. Wood hanging planters at is available with a rope or metal structure               

Buy Online Wall Mounted Planters on WallMantra

WallMantra is an exclusive online store for stylish garden planter wall shelves. Apart from stylish modern wall hanging planters, we at WallMantra offer an exclusive collection of home decor products that include wall clocks, frame sets, wooden hangings, paintings, and lamps. We deliver your ordered stylish hanging planters safely in a well-wrapped corrugated box within the stipulated time.

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