Make Your Home Look Attractive with 3D Wall Clock

Clocks are an excellent medium to add functionality and personal touch to your home decor. You know decorative clocks might be expensive for you and can’t be changed frequently as per your design choice and taste. DIY Wall Clocks are an excellent way to get that expensive look and personal touch for a lot less. Your home visitors will be shocked to see such a DIY clock on your living room, hall, or bedroom wall. 

At WallMantra, we comprehend your exact needs when you look for a wooden DIY wall clock or 3D wall watches. Made of high quality 5-7 mm thick acrylic, our DIY wall clocks are the one that you can shop for giving a personal touch to your home decor and time display. Our clocks approximately cover an area of 61 x 61 cms and are easy to install on the wall of any space in your home. Easy cleaning and maintenance make our DIY wall clocks to be comfortably hung on the living room wall, hotel reception, or cafeteria of a commercial setup. 

Available DIY Wall Clock Options on WallMantra 

WallMantra is your preferred destination for shopping 3D wall clocks online. To cater to your varied needs, we offer our collection of DIY wall clocks in several different shapes, sizes, and designs. In your search on WallMantra, you can come across a DIY wall clock with a design of number with English letters, designer number, small & large numbers, deer face, number with number name, yoga pose, Roman number, or weightlifting. In terms of shapes and sizes, we offer our DIY clocks with a wall covering area of 61 x 61 cms in round/circular or rectangular shapes. 

How to Shop the Best DIY Wall Clock on WallMantra

In your clock shopping on, you can get overwhelmed after coming across so many options for 3D wall clocks. Some of you might be unable to decide what you should shop and what you shouldn’t shop. The tricks mentioned below can help you buy the best DIY wall clock for your home:

  • First of all, decide the space where you want to assemble a DIY wall clock. This space could be the wall of your living room, dining hall, bedroom, or conference room or cafeteria of commercial setup. 
  • Determine the wall area you want to cover with a 3D wall clock 
  • Choose a design that could be deer face, number with number name, number with letters, Roman number, or yoga pose
  • Explore features. You should look for features such as easy installation or lower maintenance 

Buy 3D Wall Clocks Online from WallMantra 

WallMantra is a one-stop destination for shopping DIY wall clocks online. As per your home decor needs, you can buy 3D wall clocks in several different shapes, sizes, and designs. In addition to clocks, you can shop paintings, wall shelves, frame sets, wooden hangings, decals, lamps, and smart furniture online for your home decoration.  


Where Should The Wall Clock Be In The Living Room?

Answer: The hanging of a wall clock depends on what you want to do with it. To attract wealth, you can install it on the East or North wall of your living room. You can hang it from the West wall when you find hanging from the Eastern/Northern wall don’t allow you to see the time clearly.

What's The Range Of Wall Clocks Available On Your Website?

Answer: At, we have wall clocks with several different price tags. As per your budget, you can come across a wall clock with a price tag of Rs 1, 199 to Rs 8, 999.

Which Type Of Wall Clock Is Good For Home?

Answer: Which type of wall clock you should hang totally depends on you. Only for time display, you can install a simple wall clock. However, you can opt for hanging pendulum, vintage, modern, and premium wall clocks to embellish a room in your home.

Do You Provide Wall Clocks Of Bigger Size?

Answer: Yes, you can buy a bigger wall clock from WallMantra. The maximum size for a wall clock that we sell is 61cm * 61cm.


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