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Are you not tired of the same old boring shelves on your wall? Modern day display shelves are more of a decorative wall art which defines your style and gives a distinct expression of class and elegance. If you love decorating your wall, and want to impart a very sassy look to your home décor, we got you!

Our select range of awe-striking showcase shelf is something that turn around heads and grab eyeballs with it’s attractive appearance. It’s more than just a normal display shelf to be precise. Wallmantra’s coming of age shelves are made of high quality engineered wood which gives it a classy wooden texture and a superior finish. If you’re wondering what’s unique about our display shelves, it’s very much evident from the pictures above. It comes with a backlit! Yes, this amazing aspect makes our shelves no less than a glamour quotient on walls. If you’re looking for a single décor element that would work both as an organizer/ book shelf and a beautifying object for your wall, don’t look any further! Our artistic display shelves can turn your mundane wall into a sensational work of art.

If you’re in search of a striking designer wooden shelf, choose our Guitar Backlit Wood Wall Shelf which would stand totally out-of-the-box. Your interior might just have the most appealing appearance with this amazing wall shelf. If you want to go chic and be playful with your wall, pick Girl Backlit Wood Wall Shelf which would give your wall the quirkiest touch and a glamour look.

These display shelves from Wallmantra is one of the best additions to your wall. It’s an outstanding wall décor which you’ll seldom come across. Give your favorite objects and books a sensational place to rest and mesmerize your guests with your excellent sense of décor.

Which Is The Best Display Shelf For Decorating A Living Room?

It totally depends on your taste and preference. Wallmantra has a range of impressive display shelves ranging from minimalist to flashy. If you love simple décor and want to keep it that way, we would advise you to go for our minimalistic collections. On the other hand, if you want your living room to stand out from the rest, pick from our luxurious collection of designer display shelves.

Which Is The Best Display Shelf For My Bedroom?

Bedroom is the retreating area, a place where you look up for peace and relief. Therefore, your display shelf needs to have a peaceful appearance. Choose from our elementary designs and pick your favorite according to your pre-existing bedroom décor.

Is Cash On Delivery (COD) Available?

Answer: Yes, COD is available on all our decorative items, including display shelves. Pay the bill/total amount in cash to the delivery executive when he/she hands over your ordered display shelf.

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Ordered Bookshelf?

Answer: At WallMantra, we value your time. And hence, we take every possible effort to deliver your ordered shelf within the stipulated time. Usually, you will receive your ordered shelf in 7-8 working days. In the case of any delay, we will keep you updated via SMS/email.

How Will I Track My Ordered Display Shelf?

Answer: After receiving your order and confirmation on your order from you, we start the delivery process. As we hand over your ordered display shelf to the courier agent, we inform you about it and produce a Tracking ID to you through SMS or email.

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