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Keep Your Room Cool, Glamorous, and Fascinating with Designer Ceiling Fan at Home/Office!

As we know that summer is going on and we all need to prevent the hot sun. To tackle the hotness of summer, most people choose cooler, air conditioners, and other expensive items. But, many people don’t have a budget to purchase these gadgets. That’s why; WallMantra comes with an inexpensive ceiling fan that is completely within your budget. However, it is a common thing that you can notice in every household.

If you want to create a well-ventilated and organized home, it is very important to have a designer blower in every room. Simply, you can make your adobe airy by introducing these attractive pieces of a ceiling fan. Having windows in your home is a good choice but it is very important to have proper fans. In India, there is no home without these airy items because they help to deal with the summer season. At WallMantra, you can adopt these pieces in gorgeous designs and styles within your budget!

Why Buy Designer Ceiling Fans?

In your home, there may be several things that can be impressive for someone. But, when your guests reach the house, especially in the summer, they will like to enjoy the cool air. They will also look towards the ceiling fan and they will appreciate your choice. Let’s discuss some important advantages of using these airy products:

  • They ensure the air circulation in the entire room properly!
  • Because of the pocket-friendly feature, everybody can purchase these items without making a hole in the pocket!
  • Dwellers can use these decorative pieces in both the winter and summer seasons because they are comfortable in all weather conditions!
  • Unlike air conditioners and coolers, they don’t consume extra electricity which is the best advantage!
  • At WallMantra, these fans are available in outstanding shapes, colors, and designs that can make an impressive look!
  • In comparison to air conditioners, such airy items are much more environmentally-friendly because they don’t harm the atmosphere!
  • They can be placed in every room like the living room, bedroom, hallway, corridor, balcony, and everywhere!
  • Apart from airy features, these items can be obtained for decoration purposes and everybody can enhance their space!
  • Lastly, you can adjust the speed of ceiling fans according to your needs at any time!

Things to Remember While Choosing Designer Ceiling Fan!

After reading the above benefits, you will wish to buy these decorative things. In a real sense, these cooling items come with uncountable advantages. At WallMantra, there is a large collection available for decorative fans. If you are interested in buying these electronic gadgets, make sure to consider the following tips:

  • Quantity – Every house has several corners and every corner needs a fan to bring cool air. So, you need to choose the number of ventilating that you want for your adobe. If you are buying them in bulk, you can grab several offers at WallMantra.
  • The Size of Area – If you have large living rooms then placing only one ceiling fan is not an ideal choice. You need to install multiple electronic ventilates to bring cool and fresh air. Otherwise, you can’t overcome the hotness of the sun.
  • Install Properly – After buying these vibrant items, the next step is to install them in the right location. In this way, they can ensure good air circulation in the entire room. For this, you can take the advice of an electrician and other experts while installing fans in the home.
  • Decides Budget – The cost of these designer fans is inexpensive at WallMantra. But, it is advised to determine the budget while choosing these things. We have ultra-modern items that can bring happiness and warmth to your dwelling.
  • Check Durability – While choosing these items, make sure to check the durability (guarantee or warranty). However, these airy products are durable and can be used in the long term. Compared to ACs, the durability of ceiling fans is higher and best.

Shop for Designer Ceiling Fan at Best Price in India

In the whole world, India is the only place where these fans have been used in every house. That’s why; you can get these gorgeous ventilates at an affordable price from WallMantra. Along with the attractive and blissful designs, you can redesign your home with such electronic gadgets. If you want to place your order, explore the website and mention the necessary address information. Our executive will deliver the desired item to your doorstep!


With central air conditioning systems prevailing over, for a moment, we overlooked the role that designer fans play. However, the magnetism of ceiling fans is eternal. By helping you cope with the extreme heatwaves, the modern designer fans display a love for interiors. The printed fans, if adorned in the living room, look spectacular. And now, when the designer fans are enjoying a comeback, why not get something distinctive and classy? 

Shop from the Exclusive Range of Wallmantra

At Wallmantra, we attempt to bring you the best to our capability. Besides having an unparalleled emphasis on the intricate details, we monitor the quality closely. If you are still an old school from the heart and crave exclusiveness in whatever little you buy for your home, is decor heaven for you. In our range of designer fans, you can explore printed hand fans, designer fans for drawing room, designer ceiling fans with lights, designer pedestal fans, 900mm designer ceiling fans, designer table fans, designer wall mounted fans, designer fans with Jhumar, modern designer fans, designer standing fan, magnific designer fans, designer wooden ceiling fans, designer floor fan. 

Sizes in Designer Wall Mirrors

At Wallmantra, you can find any size of your choice at your convenience. For a huge living room, a designer fan with Jhumar or light is ideal. The alluring printed fans conceal the charm when placed properly.    

Invisible Qualities of Our Designer Fans You Should Be Aware Of

  • All our fans have properly finished blade pitches that not just confer a dazzling contrast but ensure relaxation during the peak summer waves.

  • The majority of the designer ceiling fans feature on-trend materials such as rustic wood, nickel, steel, and aluminum. 

  • The Motor size of the fans is capable enough to run for years without witnessing a technical fault.

  • By ensuring energy efficiency, every piece guarantees a low electricity bill every month. 

  • You can choose from traditional models to contemporary designs in distinctive materials.

  • The designer fans with Jhumar and lights are perfect to act as a focal point in the living room. Acting as chandeliers, these are the most economical options you will ever find.

An Explanatory Guide to Buy the Best Designer Fans

  • Accurate Blade Size- The initial point that you must look for is the right blade size. Choose the fan as per the size of your room. To get a better insight into it and avoid any further chaos, you can use a measuring tape to be exact about the dimensions. 

  • Select the Material wisely- There are a plethora of options available in designer ceiling fans, including metallic, rustic, electroplated, solid wood, stone finish, and PU. Opt for designer fans online that blend with your interiors perfectly. 

  • Go For Something With Additional Features- Some of the features you must look for are dust resilience and silence. Apparently, your desire for a ceiling fan must not be noisy but cool air.   

  • Choose with or Without Lights As Per Requirement- If you have a room with good natural lightning designer fans without lights are a good option. Rooms with dim lightning require installing designer ceiling fans with light.                 

 Buy Designer Ceiling Fans Online From Wallmantra 

 After getting aware of every possible effort we could put in, you must be wondering why to choose Wallmantra only among many other decor platforms? Here, at Wallmantra, a team of decor enthusiasts works closely to scrutinize the minutest detail conceivably. You can find a wide range of decor products, including paintings, wall accents, wall mirrors, designer tables, framesets, decorative plates, clocks, photo frames, designer lights, designer shelves, shadow lights, aquariums and terrariums, luxury furnishing, storage and tables, kitchen dining, rugs& mats, pooja essentials and much more.  

The Bottom Line

Having a ceiling fan is important for house owners. But, you can also bring other adorning pieces to beautify the space. They are, for example, lamps, doormats, ceiling lights, wall lights, curtains, TV units, bed sheets, table linen, glassware, dinnerware, furniture, and so on.


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