Jesus Christ Framed Wall Art
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       Christian Wall Paintings: Depiction of Truth

Art has always been a vital part of every religion. Faith, conviction and spirituality are the fundamentals of every religious art painting. Just because people are fervently linked to their creed, the relevance of truth becomes critical. Even minute alterations in the prevailing facts can become the cause of mass destruction. Every artist on this planet knowingly or unknowingly endeavors to excel in spiritual paintings. These art forms pave the way for wide recognition and inner contentment.

The onset of Early Christian Painting

Before 100 CE, Christianity was restricted to only a vulnerable minority. The open illustration of any Christian Wall Painting was rare. The limited occurrence, therefore, affected the arrival of art also. Lack of funds and support from patrons were among the prominent reasons why the art suffered. However, with time and strong admiration, the paintings, sculptures and architecture came into life. Their foundation was laid around the early 6th century. Prominent in Italy and the Mediterranean region, the art was confined to expressions such as Fresco and Mosaics. Also, to avoid persecution, the forms of Early Christian Painting were available in iconography. The most common themes were demise, optimism, deliverance and prayer. 

 Famous Christian Wall Painting Collection

  • Early Christian Painting- Called an Altarpiece, these artworks represent faith in Christianity. Restricted only to a limited group, the art didn't flourish much. However, time and again, the representation made a notable place on the church's wall. The art compelled viewers to restore faith in humanity and left a remarkable impact on viewers' minds. Of the oldest paintings of Jesus, "Good Sephard Mosaic" is one of the most adorable early Christian Paintings. It has been preserved in a UNESCO world heritage site and displays mosaic works of art. Unlike other famous paintings, Jesus looks like a King sitting with his herd. Some other Early Christian Painting collections include Jesus and His Apostles, Christ Between Peter and Paul, Adoration of the Magi, The Good Shepherd, and the Healing Of the Paralytic. 
  • Christian Abstract Painting- Abstract art is the most versatile art form as it leaves room for creativity. It prevails flexibility and allows the onlooker to reconsider the meaning. A Christian Abstract Painting brings the bland walls back to life. Typically immersed vibrantly in lustrous hues, the walls look more beautiful than ever. You can pick the size of the painting according to the height of the wall. The larger the wall more heightened the artwork should be. The bible verses look spectacular when installed in hotel lobbies, living room walls, office entrances, large restaurants and newly constructed homes. The world's most renowned interior designers vouch for abstract Christian painting and claim them to be transformers. Tying the emotions together, they serve royalty and spirituality. 
  • Christian Hetzel Painting- Known as a contemporary painter from Germany, he is well-known for his unique art forms. Every ardent Christianity follower considers his painting to be an art worth praising. Though he also works on abstract art forms, his work is truly different from others. The complexity and the ethereal textures leave a doubt propelling visitors to create zillion thoughts for understanding. His paintings blend one or two colours, basically representing the complete art. The soft edges and the traditional frame enhance the beauty of the space and accentuate the existing vibes. 
  •  Christian God Painting- Though the physical appearance of the deity is unknown to many, the art restores faith among millions through diverse descriptions. The revelation of Jesus in early Christian paintings and the latter created an ideal picture in the followers' minds. Thou can be seen as a young man without a beard, portraying dignity and authority in the initial years to a mature man with a full beard in the former years. Some other paintings also exhibit Jesus carrying a lamb or child on his shoulders. Every painting portrays an intense meaning accentuating the spiritual thoughts. In fact, paintings and sculptures are the only ways to lead future generations with cultural traditions and values. 

Wrapping It Off 

Every religion carries its significance in any form or another. Also, displaying it ideally through art is the prime objective of blessed artists and painters. Unlike other paintings, religious art requires drawing everything minutely without exterior interference. Wallmantra has a collection of Christian wall paintings that help emphasise your walls mindfully and help imbibe your children with the moral values needed. 

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