Add Warmth, Harmony, and Depth to Your Home with Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Paintings!

These days, there are tremendous styles of paintings that can be obtained in different patterns. Some of the users like to add modern artwork while some want traditional texture. So, it shows that beautiful pictures have their importance for different purposes. From religious, abstract, modern, DIY, and landscape, to contemporary, you can get everything at WallMantra.

Among the others, Shivaji paintings create a fancy and adorable look in home décor. Instead of spreading positivity, harmony, and knowledge, these things are especially created to décor the house. Such artworks show how Shivaji Maharaj fought and helped India to be free from British rulers. Many people don’t know about him due to a lack of knowledge. But, don’t worry because we will discuss several things about him today. Let’s get started!

Who is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj?

Before buying these amazing paintings, you should know about Shivaji who played a vital role in making our India free. Here are some important points about him to know and learn:

  • He was the founder of the Maratha Empire and was known as a charismatic leader with great valor. Also, he had the power of truth, harmony, and wisdom to win any battle easily.
  • Most people can hear several stories of his administrative abilities, wit, and bravery through plays, comics, novels, songs, and ballads. All of these are the best sources to collect further information about him.
  • Usually, Shivaji didn’t go through painters or artists in ancient times. It was because he already had different sculptures, murals, and modern art in the house.
  • He was well known as the “Great Maratha Warrior King” and the son of Jijabai and Shahaji Bhosale. Both his mother and father worked hard to make him a successful leader.
  • The dress code of Shivaji Maharaj was awesome and unique at that time. He liked to live royal life not in terms of monetary value but in terms of respect and love.
  • He was born in Shivneri’s hill fort which is situated nearby Junnar city but now it is known as Pune district.
  • Because of his positive mindset, wisdom, and attractiveness, he comes with several powers in comparison to normal people.

Why Should You Invest in Shivaji Maharaj Paintings?

If you want to buy these pictures for home décor, you need to know some important things about them like:

  • Bring Positivity – As we know, he is a perfect person with a positive mindset and you can get them in your house through such artwork. They are specially designed to bring positivity whether it is your living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. So, make sure to attain a positive mindset by adding such a picture in your house/office.
  • Available in Different Styles – Yes, it is true that we, from WallMantra, have a large collection of these items at a very reasonable price. Because of furnished and discreet designs, such pictures are best known for making a vibrant environment. Hence, you can choose different styles to bring luxuriousness to the house.
  • Available at Affordable Price – Besides amazing designs and styles, users can get these items within their budget. However, we have both inexpensive and expensive ranges but it depends upon you to choose the best artwork. It will help you to attain a high level of charisma and goodness in the room.
  • Bring Patriotism – By hanging such decorative pieces, human beings can feel the sense of additional touch and patriotism within the space. If you love your country then you should place designer and traditional Shivaji Maharaj paintings.
  • Know About Your Religion – If you belong to Hindu mythology, you should know about the sacrifice and other things about him. He was the person who was found to protect the Maratha Empire and make everyone free from British Rulers.
  • Choose Any Size – In last but not least, these pictures are available in multiple sizes and users have to choose the perfect of them. Hence, you can use them from small medium to large for home décor.

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