Increase Your Enjoyment and Happiness with Extra Ordinary Beer Glasses at WallMantra!

In most of the bars, lounges, or clubs, you can notice the exogenous and luxurious glasses. One can find these glasses for beer, wine, cocktails, alcohol, or other soft drinks. In reality, if you want to improve your enjoyment and happiness then beautiful glasses are very important. That’s why; most bartenders serve drinks, cocktails, and other drinks in luxurious and designable glasses.

In such a situation, a wonderful and gorgeous collection of glassware is available at WallMantra. We have ultimate designs and styles that can swing your mind and give tremendous effects. If you want to gather with your friends or beloved ones at home for enjoying drinks then you should look at our collection.

We, from Wallmantra, have different kinds of glassware that come in numerous styles. Whether you serve soft drinks, alcohol, or beer, we have every type of unit available as per your requirement. Today, we will discuss 3 categories of beer, bar, and wine glasses that can be used for household purposes. Let’s find out and know some extraordinary details!

What are the Different Types of Bar Glasses?

Such types of units are mainly used to serve mixed drinks and liquor. They mainly focus on serving color, gradient, and size along with garnishes. In this category, you will find:

  • Shot – It is a tiny piece that can hold around 1 to 20z of straight liquor. Additionally, it is generally meant for human beings who are looking or celebrating to get drunk immediately.
  • Shooter – It is slightly larger than a shot glass and the bartender usually prepares a concoction in bars especially. After preparing the piece, you can easily shoot it down in just one gulp.
  • Rocks – Such types of units are mainly used to deliver high-quality spirits “neat” or “on the rocks”. At WallMantra, you can get rock glasses so that users can savor the drink easily and slowly.
  • Martini – It is usually designed for cocktails that are not stirred but shaken. On the other hand, the stem escapes the hand from warming the cold drink along with a cone shape. Also, it allows the user the olive garnish to sit furnished and hilarious.
  • Old Fashion – It looks like a rock but it comes with a heavy base for the muddling components.
  • Collins – It is mainly used for cocktails along with soda and comes with a narrow and tall body. In this way, it allows the bubbles to increase slowly after pouring drinks and beer.
  • Margarita – It is a different wide rim designed for sugar or salt rim coating. This will help to enjoy your favorite drinks whether at home or office.
  • Hurricane – Ideally used for serving blended drinks and curvy body provides a visual accent to the layers.
  • Highball – Such glasses are wider and shorter compared to the Collins and can be used interchangeably. Most of the people used them for cocktails, non-carbonated liquids, and mixed with juices.

What are the Different Types of Beer Glasses?

At WallMantra, beer glasses can be found in a lavish range of sizes and shapes. The main concentration of these pieces is to describe the clarity, color, head, and aroma of the beer. Here are some popular types of glasses:

  • Tankard (Beer Mugs) – This piece is heavy, and thick, and comes with a handle on the side that allows users to keep their beer cold for a longer time. However, they are usually linked with German-style beers.
  • Pint – They are the most popular and trending pieces used in restaurants and bars. Because of their stackable and cheap price, they are popular among the population and can hold around 16oz.
  • Pilsner – Such a piece is narrower and taller than a pint one and can be used for higher carbonation along with lighter beers. Because of its narrow body, it helps to retain carbonation and improve the gorgeousness of your bar shelves.
  • Stein – These are kinds of mugs along with lids and become more festive and decorative compared to functional ones. Many people buy them for offices or Oktoberfest at WallMantra.
  • Weizenbier – Like pilsner but comes with a curvy body and is used for wheat beer. Due to its wide opening, it retains a great head and narrow body displaying the color of beer.
  • Goblets – Such units come with short stem and round bowl that is usually thicker compared to the others. We, from WallMantra, have a large collection of goblet units and great for maintaining showing off and head aroma.
  • Sniffers – Yes, you can use a sniffer to put brandy and a smaller bowl is best for serving high ABV beers with aromas.
  • Tulip – It is the same as a goblet but comes with protruding lip that makes it look like a tulip flower. Honestly, the rim is perfect for head retention, and complex and aroma beers are mainly served in this cup.

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From the above paragraph, it has been clear that these glasses are available in a wide range at WallMantra. Besides varieties, we also have different types of accessories at a very reasonable price. These are, for example, adorning bed sheets, cocktails, accent chairs, coffee tables, whiskey glass sets, floor temples, bathroom cabinets, table fountains, paintings, arts, wall décor, and another home décor.

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