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What Are The Techniques To Position Modern Wall Mirrors

Present day mirrors unravel multiplicity of tasks like acting as décor accessory, to make the room look elongated, or a reflection element. With unending variety of mirrors available in the market or interior décor websites some of the most popular wall mirrors include oval, square, rectangle, triangle, and with some unusual shapes. While it’s not an arduous task to find wall mirrors according to your own preferences but it’s definitely a tedious one to place the large mirrors bought according to their shape and size. So here’s a comprehensive guide on where you can place mirrors of different shapes reasonably.

Decorative Full Wall Mirrors

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Circle wall mirrors   

  • Round mirrors operate to create a focal point in the room where the ceiling is square in shape. Placing the circle wall mirrors in such rooms create an elongated look, hence giving the room a perfect definition.
  • The living room mirrors also create a balancing impact. They can be placed along varied interior décor accessories in order to complement them. A soft circle wall mirror in the living room with an L shaped sofa and square room balance the shape of the room while giving an elegant look.


Square framed mirrors

  • The square framed mirrors are the most versatile when it comes to their placement. Although the best direction to place these wall mirrors is on the Northern or Eastern walls. Square shaped mirrors must be placed at least 5 ft above the floor to give them an inclusive look.
  • All the reflective surfaces like projectors, led screens should be placed in South East corner for better placement.

Rectangle Wall Mirrors

  • According to some logical beliefs the best place to accessorize rectangle framed mirrors is at the entrance of your front door as it helps to remove all the negative energy that comes along your home.

 Some of the marked Feng Shuai wall mirror placement rules include:

  • Placing framed mirrors in living room is considered the best place to hang them as placing them in the right direction not just brings luck but wealth and prosperity too.
  • Mirrors must not be placed at the end of lobby but along its length, reason being placing it in the end will slow down the upcoming of positive energy in your home.
  • Placement of framed mirrors near your dining area is one of the excellent tips to invite food and affluence in profusion.
  • Try to place wall mirrors on the places where a natural view is coming in. Positioning mirrors there help to attract nature’s energy hence positivity comes in.
  • While placing framed mirrors in kitchen it must be ensured that the gas flames must not be displayed in the mirrors as they attract negative energy.

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 Wall Mirrors have unquestionably become a ubiquitous part of home accessories but their right placement is as necessary as their usage. Not just the exact placement is required because of energy issues but for their right usage too. If the wall mirrors are suspended properly they have the capability of enhancing the complete look of your home effortlessly. The above mentioned tips about mirrors are productive if followed properly. Just by placing them at the right position you can attract fortune at ease.    

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