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Top 9 Selling Wall Mirrors For Your Bedroom & Living Room

Mirrors, since the beginning of human civilization, have gone through several advancements in their making and usage. From their simple usage of getting self reflection to their use for decorating a space, mirrors are available in several different shapes, sizes, and designs. Here is brief information of the best 9 wall mirrors that you can buy for decorating your home or making a space virtually bigger:

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1. Minimalistic Round Wooden Wall Mirror 

Made of Saint Gobain or Modicare glass and 7mm thick pre laminated wood, this wall decorative mirror is an ideal choice for you. After mounting this decorative wall mirror, you can make your living space, dining hall, or bedroom look virtually bigger. Shop Now 

2. Designer Round Shape Decorative Wooden Wall Mirror 

If you are in search of a decorative wall mirror with a good combination of silver and golden finish frame around the glass, it is a good option for you. The frame has been made using 7mm thick pre laminated wood and the glass is of Modicare or Saint Gobain. After the installation, this wall decorative mirror will give you a clearer view. Shop Now 

3. Yin Yang Decorative Wooden Vanity Mirror


No wall decorative mirror is better than it if you wish to have a wall mirror in accordance with Feng Shui. Made of Saint Gobain glass and supreme quality 7mm pre laminated wood, this decorative wall mirror can easily beautify a space and help you get the exact reflection of the things. Shop Now 

4. Moon Cycle Designer Mirrors 

This set of 5 wall decorative mirrors is a great choice for you to show off your love for the different moon shapes on different days in a month. The middle mirror in this set reflects the full shape of the moon. Each mirror of this set has a frame of 7mm pre laminated wood and Saint Gobain/Modicare glass. After the installation in your living room or bedroom, this set of five mirrors can cover an area of 104cm x 35cm on the wall. Shop Now 

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5. Hexagon Shape Decorative Wooden Wall Mirror


Express your love for hexagonal shape while decorating your home or making it virtually bigger with this wall decorative mirror. The use of 7mm thick pre laminated wood, Modicare/saint Gobain glass, and high quality paint makes this decorative wall mirror beautify the space where it will be mounted or installed. With its installation, you can cover a wall area in 45cm x 45cm. Shop Now

6. Beautiful Decorative Heart Shape Mirror with Gold Finish Frame

It is an excellent wall mirror whether you want to use it to make a space bigger or present as a gift to your loved one. This decorative wall mirror has a frame of pre laminated wood with a gold finish. It has Modicare or Saint Gobain glass for a clearer view. With this wall decorative mirror, you can cover around an area of 71cm x 91cm. Shop Now  

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7. Beautiful Decorative Vanity Mirror 

If you are looking for a decorative wall mirror for your bedroom or dressing room to get the exact reflection of yourself after getting ready, it is a great choice for you. It has a round wooden frame with a gap in the middle. The frame is made of walnut and has a fine finish and eye-catchy look. It consists of Modicare/Saint Gobain glass to produce a clear view. Shop Now

8. Modern Design Decorative Wooden Wall Mirror

This decorative wall mirror is available in two different sizes – 61cm x 38cm and 78cm x 48cm. Made of high-grade 7mm thick pre laminated wood and Saint Gobain glass, this white wall decorative mirror is the perfect option to bring brightness in a colored space. With the right installation, this wall mirror can enable you to get a clear view of the objects placed in the hallway or in the room. Buy Now

9. Round Shape Decorative Wooden Wall Mirror

This decorative mirror is an ideal option for you if you are in search of a wound mirror that could reflect the things clearer. It is surrounded with a round wooden frame, which is made of 7mm pre laminated wood. The usage of Modicare/Saint Gobain glass makes this wall mirror provide a clearer view of the objects placed inside or come in its range. Shop Now   

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