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Top 7 Madhubani Art Wall Paintings to Make Your Home Wall Look Appealing

When it comes to decorating a space, especially walls, in home/office, people use different wall art pieces. These art pieces are paintings, stickers, frame sets, and murals. And when it comes to the use of paintings in home decoration, you have numerous options in the name of art. Madhubani Art is one of those options. And when you decide to use the paintings of this art, you will be overwhelmed with a large number of options. Here are some of the best Madhubani Art Wall Paintings for your help in your home decoration:

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1. Madhubani Art Collage Picture Wall Frame Set 

It is a great choice for you to make a wall space as the center of attraction in your living room or dining hall. In this set, you will get 8 small to big sized paintings depicting the life of the royal family of the past. In three framed paintings, you will have printed images of a woman with a parrot and peacocks. One frame painting depicts the scene where a woman is being carried in a wooden structure by two men. Another painting is displaying a few people following their leader seated on an elephant. Shop Now  

2. Madhubani Painting/Lord Krishna Painting Wall Frame Set 

If you are looking for a set of paintings in Madhubani Art to create a spiritual corner in your home, this set of Lord Krishna Painting is an ideal option for you. In the first framed painting of this set, you will have an image of Lord Krishna surrounded by his friends and different animals and birds. The second painting displays that Lord Krishna is in the middle of two cows. All these two paintings have frames of synthetic wood, and clear acrylic glass. The images are printed on high-grade 300 GSM paper, and the frame is black. Shop Now  

3. Madhubani Art Collage Picture Wall Frame Set 

This set comes with 6 Madhubani Art Wall Paintings that have frames of superior quality MDF wood. Through this set of college picture wall frames, you can have six different scenes to beautify a space in your living room, dining hall, or bedroom. In the three framed paintings, you will have the images of a woman with a parrot or peacock. The rest three framed paintings depict royal life. Shop Now  

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4. Beautiful Elephant Madhubani Painting 

It is a stunning option for you if you are in search of a single big painting depicting royal life. In this Madhubani Art Wall Painting, you can see a king sitting on the elephant. This canvas printed wall painting is available with or without wooden frames. The frame is made of high-grade medium density fiberboard wood. This framed painting can cover 41cm x 61cm space on your living room, dining hall, or bedroom wall. Shop Now

5. Beautiful Peacock Madhubani Painting 

No bird painting is better than this canvas printed painting for you if you want to bring the traditional look of a peacock to beautify a space in your home. This painting has the printed image of a beautiful peacock with the use of high-definition photo print technology. The painting is stretched on the wooden bars that are of 61cm x 41cm. Shop Now

6. Madhubani Tree Painting


If you wish to beautify a home space with a tree art, this set of two framed paintings with tree images in Madhubani art style is an excellent option for you. These two paintings have canvas printed images of two different trees and have black frames made of high-grade MDF wood. After the installation/mounting of one painting of this set, you can cover an area of 38cm x 38cm. As per your wish, you can insert another picture in these wooden wall frames. Shop Now 

7. Madhubani Painting 

This set of three flower design canvas printed paintings is an ideal option for decorating a space with floral arts. These floral paintings have frames of supreme quality medium density fiberboard wood and clear acrylic glass that is unbreakable. The size of each frame is 15cm x 15cm. Shop Now      
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