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Top 7 Decorative Hanging Lights for Lighting Your Home

Are you looking for lights to adorn your home on an occasion like a birthday party or marriage anniversary? If yes, you can come across numerous lighting options in your search. The availability of so many options might affect your purchasing decision or could confuse you. By limiting your choice such as decorative hanging lights, you can make your selection and purchase process shorter. Here are some useful suggestions in this regard:

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1. Heart Shape Wooden Pendant Lamp

Designed and made of imported engineered pine wood, this ceiling hanging light is in the size of 14 inch X 12 inch X 12 inch( Length X Breadth X Height). Being in the shape of the heart, this lighting solution can make you recall someone who is very close to you. The person could be your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, fiance, or fiancee. You can hang it in your bedroom to resemble that person. 

2. Lotus Shape Wood Pendant Lamp 

Are you fond of a lotus flower? And do you want this in your lighting solution? Go to shop for this ceiling light. It is designed and made using high-quality imported engineered pine wood and sophisticated tools. This hanging light comes with a 1 meter wire, a holder, 1 warm LED bulb, 2 screws, a plug, and a room assembly base. You can easily hang it from the ceiling or wall of your living room, dining hall, or bedroom to beautify the space. 

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3. Bulb Shape Wood Pendant Lamp 

In the contemporary world, many of you love the electric bulb invented by Thomas Alva Edison. You can give a reality to this love by hanging a Bulb Shape Wood Pendant Lamp. This pendant light is available in the size of 14inch X 8inch X 8inch (length, breadth, and height). Made of imported engineered pine wood, this modern lamp could be hung in the living space, bedroom, dining hall or any space in your home or business setup. 

4. Flower Shape Wood Pendant Lamp

This decorative hanging light is a great choice if you wish to have floral design in your home lighting solution. Made of high-grade imported engineered wood, this modern lamp is an ideal option that you can hang from the ceiling/wall of a space your abode or commercial setup. 

5. Triple Take Wood Hanging Modern Lamp

Willing to highlight a space with ceiling lights? Go to shop for this set of three pendant lights. In this set of ceiling lights, each lamp is 9 inches in diameter, 7 inches in length, 4 inches in breadth, and 4 inches in height. This pendant lamp set comes with three warm LED bulbs, three room hanging assembly with holders, wires, plugs, and screws to make your installation process more comfortable for you. 

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6. Star Shape Wood Pendant Lamp

If you have a liking of heavenly bodies such as stars and want them in your home decoration, opt for buying more than one Star Shape Wood Pendant Lamp. The star shape of this pendant light is made of supreme quality imported engineered pine wood and has fine finish to beautify a space for a longer period. Available with the requisite hanging tools and items, this modern lamp is easy to hang from the ceiling of any space in a residential or commercial setup.   

7. Water Drop Shape Wood Pendant Lamp 

Many people have a liking of water drops and want the shape in almost each item they have at their home or office. Go with it if you are in the group of such people. Designed and made using advanced tools and imported engineered pine wood, this pendant light is a great lighting choice to hang in the living space, dining hall, or in the bedroom.


The lighting ideas for decorating a space with hanging lights are only for information purposes. You can go with the ideas mentioned above or look for other ideas that could help you lighting your home on a family occasion.

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