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Thinking To Set Up A Romantic Atmosphere For Your Partner? We can help!

Do you feel like you’re unable to invest some quality time in your relationship because of the fast-paced life? We understand you! Fetching some time in this fast moving schedule is a difficult process. Corporate lives don’t really allow you to spend a fair deal of time with your partner except for weekends. Therefore, those weekends needs to be really good and enriched with love and care. You might wonder what exactly special you could do for your partner; well, we got a quintessential idea which is not that rampant these days. Yes! We’re talking about a candle light dinner! 

Candle Holders

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Candle light dinners are one of the oldest and warmest ways to greet your partner and celebrate your fondness for your partner in a special way. You need to realize that, the candles are the main attraction in this rendezvous and therefore it has to be different from what you usually find in the market.

We want your special date to be really pretty and memorable. This is why we present you few of WallMantra’s curated candles and candle holders for a beautiful atmosphere:

Pillar Candles
  1. 100% organic lavender aroma purple pillar candles

These candles come in three different shapes in a mesmerizing lavender hue. This ethereal candle can light up your table with an enchanting glow. It infuses the room with natural aroma of lavender which instantly soothes mind and soul. Wondering what if it extinguishes before your date end? Well, these organic candles burns slower than paraffin making it last long.

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  1. Crackled Glass Scented Jar

These aromatic candles are nothing less than pure joy and soulfulness. It is made of high quality glass and is meant to last longer than your date. Pair this glass candle with a bunch of peach roses in a sleek vase and see how magical the setting becomes. It can also be used during festive occasions and dinner with family.

  1. Diamond Cut Clear Glass Scented Candle Jars

This classy décor candle is best suited for special nights and festive occasions. The exquisite texture leaves your partner awestruck. It also comes with lid, therefore you don’t have to fear about it extinguishing soon. This feature makes it possible for you to arrange a candle light dinner in the rooftop or an open area and make the date even more memorable.

  1. Clear Glass Candle Holder

This sophisticated candle holder is reminiscent of the vintage period and the good old past. This candle holder can single-handedly impress your partner with its enigmatic beauty. Place a thick white candle and scatter rose petals around the area of the holder. Wait for your partner to get totally surprised by the striking décor.

  1. Baluster Diamond-cut Candle Holder With Chimney                      

This vintage classic with unparalleled beauty surpasses all the other candle holders. It’s elegance and appearance is a class apart and never fails to impress an onlooker. It instantly makes your partner fall for the romantic setting and you don’t really have to do anything further to beautify it.

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Bottom Line

When you plan something for that special one, you don’t compromise. Not much needs to be done to make few hours memorable with your partner. Candle light dinners are a sophisticated and luxe way of treating your partner a little better than most other days. Make sure your decoration has remarkable candles and candle holders to woo your partner in the best way.

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