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The Unusual Yet Popular Painting Art Forms

Uniqueness in decorative paintings attracts more people than simplicity. The demand for peculiar and ingenious artworks has flourished present day. People like to decorate their homes with unparalleled décor items that display their statement quotient. They often have many questions running in their mind regarding some unusual art forms like circle canvas painting ideasHexagon paintings, 3d warli paintings and many more. The paramount element is, all these paintings are available on e-commerce platforms and help to décor your house in your way. Here’s a quick guide on how circle canvas painting ideas are executed and how hexagon paintings are used as an essential décor accessory:-

Decorative Painting

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Drawing circle on canvas is not just arduous but protracted too. This is a task left on to experts only. Although getting a perfect round shape by way of hands is tiresome, it can be achieved finely by way of apparatus. To execute circle canvas painting ideas at home one needs to cut the circle with a compass or other tools. But in the case of the commercial canvas printing industry, the round shape is achieved with CNC machines. Some of the popular circle canvas painting ideas include:-

Beautiful Decorative Painting

Flower Abstract Painting Designing flowers on rounded canvas are comparatively easier than other designs and look graceful too. Drawing blooming flowers on circle canvas adds charm and grace to your space. Besides the fewer requirements of efforts, they can be traced from any source.

  • Circle Canvas Painting Ideas on Quotes 

Written quotes on circle canvas look appealing and polished as well. With the ongoing minimalistic décor trends adding quotes in black color on white canvas looks sombre and elegant. Some written quotes in bright colors also make the visitors glaze the canvas because of their text.  

Developing galaxy on Circle Canvas defines unity in diversity. The display of stars, sun, and moons on white canvas with multiple colors defines the beauty of our universe. The color pigmentation given to the galaxies on circle canvas astonishes us with its eternal exquisiteness.

  • Geometric Patterns

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The aim of painting lies in using varied shapes, forms, and prints. The beauty of the painting lies in its depth, the more profundity a painting has, the more beautiful it will look. But if you are a beginner, you do not need to worry about the depth. Your followed patterns must be filled with complementary colors to give a striking look.

What does Hexagon Paintings Looks like?

The length of each side of a hexagon is the same in a hexagon painting and it not just gives the space an exceptional look but make it engaging too. There are multiple options available in hexagon paintings. In fact any design can suit these paintings if developed intricately. Some of the most popular hexagon painting designs available on Wallmantra include includes

  • Tropical Leaf with Flowers
  • Beautiful multicolor owl Hexagon painting
  • Transparent Autumn Leaves Hexagon Canvas Painting
  • Hand and elephant Hexagon Painting
  • Love Bird Hexagon Painting

Despite the availability of imitable decorative paintings in abundance, Wallmantra brings to you quality paintings in the finest range. The quality and the range of the paintings besides being unmatchable is robust and affordable too.     


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