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Premium Wall Clocks: An Almost Overlooked Trend

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Who once had thought the plain wall clock hung in the kitchens or the living room would become a trendsetter. Originally invented to keep track of time, they once lost their charm. However, our desire for a quaint atmosphere submerged in the traditional ambience is a compilation of unique decorative elements, and a premium wall clock is one of the most admired installations. No longer a time-keeping element, a wall clock in an abode has taken over the ordinary paintings and mirrors. In reality, they are wall clocks cum pieces of art. 

If you still are mistaken about their functionality and the trendy designs, devote 5 minutes reading this piece:

Undeniable Benefits of Wall Clock

  • Unmatchable Magnificence- Functionality and loveliness together form a marvellous combination. The available designs are mostly the fusion of classic art and modern aesthetics. Made to suit your decor theme, you can find them as per your fondness. And the bare walls, with a graceful wall clockdisplay an unparalleled sophistication in our surroundings. 
  • Economical- Yes, you heard that right. If you are an interior decor enthusiast and love experimenting but are on a restricted budget, this can be your go-to option. Most wall clocks carry the capability of changing the overall look of your home and becoming a focal point displaying classiness. 
  •  An Instantaneous Makeover- Do you want to revamp your living room but lack ideas? A classic wall clock for the living room provides a quick change without much grinds. Even you can have a collection of different wall clocks, indubitably showing the same time yet conferring a different look.  

Best Places To Hang Wall Clocks

  • Living Room- An area where most of your family spends time particularly needs something to track time. And besides keeping a watch over the ticking clock, it’s a great idea to bring life to the otherwise bare walls. A wall clock for the living room must convey uniqueness yet elegance. Also, it’s a good idea to go for a large wall clock to gaze spontaneous attention. Moreover, it can save digging a big hole in your pocket as most classic wall hangings are expensive against wall clocks.
  • Bedroom- Even though we carry every modern device, including cell phones and smartwatches, metal wall clocks always have a different charisma. Also, the tradition of keeping the note of the time on the wall clock every morning is hard to smash. You can have a table clock having an alarm fixed or a clock hanging on the bedroom wall matching your interior.
  • Kitchen- The cooking division in homes is no longer a traditional setup accommodating utensils. A modern household kitchen comprises certain decorative elements besides the essential stuff. A wall clock hung in the kitchen above the pantry, and a few planters make the area lively. Even an old kitchen can get a rustic look with a classic wooden wall clock and a few other accessories. 


Trendy Wall Clock Designs

  • Antique Wall Clocks– How ironic it is to define antique wall clocks as the first type that reminds us of minimalism in this modern epoch. The whimsical designs adorning the walls look fabulous, encircling a quaint ambience. In fact, an antique wall clock is the cheapest alternative to any exorbitant piece of art that defines the same elegance. 
  • Ultra Modern Wall Clocks- Such wall clock designs blend in with nature effortlessly, allowing the owner to experience expanse views. These clocks are a compilation of materials like glossy acrylic, wooden and classic sleek metal.
  • Coastal Look Wall Clocks- Having a rusty and raw look showcasing a beach setup is what everyone craves. And to achieve that, every piece of art hung on the interior matters. The wooden wall clocks conferring their original look bestow an extensive decorative appeal besides the uniqueness.             

Wallmantra for Premium Wall Clocks

Having own home is no less than a blessing, and a beautiful wall clock defining the value of time is a marvellous addition to it. Wallmantra has a classic collection of different wall clocks as per your taste. Not just do the pieces display authentic art but diversity in designs also. 

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