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Know the Relation Between Clock Placement and Vaastu

In today’s digital world, a few people have watches on their wrists. However, most of them have wall clocks in different parts of their homes, offices, and commercial setups. In these places, wall clocks are still functional. In addition, they make a home/commercial space look attractive if you select and hang designer ones. As per Vastu, a place inside a home/office has a greater role in the placement of a clock such as a pendulum clock. Here are what Vaastu states about the placement of a wall wooden clock: 

Clock Vastu 

According to Vastu, the placement of a clock is associated with energy generation and the activation of direction. In your wall clock placement in your home, you should opt for the directions that are beneficial for  your growth and facilitate you generate positive energies. Many Vastu experts say that hanging clocks/wall clocks in the North or East is beneficial for human beings. 

Why to Hang a Wooden Wall Clock in the North Direction

As per Hindu mythology, the God of Wealth, Kubera, is the king of the north. Hanging clocks in the Northern direction enables you to make Lord Kubera and Lord Ganesha. It would be better to hang a black wooden/metallic clock. As a result, you activate money and wealth in what you do. Further, it helps you have more career or business opportunities.

Why to Place a Clock on the Wall in the Eastern Direction

According to Hindu mythology and astrology, Lord Indra is the king of gods and rules the east. Vaastu states that hanging a designer wall clock in the Eastern direction would facilitate you to bring prosperity. Further, it would facilitate you to improve the quality of your work or study. You should hang a green wooden wall clock for better outcomes.

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What to Avoid

Like other things, hanging wall clocks is linked to some Dos and Don’ts. According to Vaastu, here are what you should do and avoid while placing clocks in your home/office:

  • Say No to the Walls in the Western or Southern direction for hanging wall clocks 
  • Avoid hanging a clock just above the door or a room 
  • Set the clock to display the right time and never let it show the wrong time
  • Make sure that the clock is running properly
  • Ensure no part of the clock is damaged and its glass is not broken
  • Avoid hanging the wall clocks that depict negative things or loneliness 
  • Get your clock repaired soon if it stops working. Further, replace its battery with a new one if the battery is causing it to be out of order

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