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Know the Importance of Hanging Seven Running Horses Paintings

As per Vaastu, a horse painting, particularly Seven Running Horses Painting, plays a crucial role in a person’s life. The horses represent success and power. Vaastu experts advise people like you to place the Seven Running Horses Painting in their Home or business premises to have a constant flow of success.

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Significance of Horse Paintings 

You know every painting narrates a story and impacts our mind psychologically. The effects are based on the elements, colors, and expression of that painting. Many experts state that psychological effects evoke particular urge and emotion when a person looks at the painting. So, it is crucial to choose the appropriate painting for a particular purpose. Vaastu and Feng Shui used paintings as effective remedies.

Importance of the Seven Running Horses Painting 

People and business owners hang the Seven Running Horses Painting for noteworthy growth in their career, finance, and business. Here are a few significant points for each element of this painting:

  • Horse – A horse represents power, stability, strength, and victory 
  • White Horse – A white horse resembles a balance of wisdom and power. White horses symbolize good luck, prosperity, and freedom   
  • Running Horses – They symbolize speed, momentum, tremendous energy, and uninterruption.   
  • Seven, Number – According to Numerology, the number seven is considered as a sacred number. This number represents ascending, triumph, free will, success, security, and perfection. The number 7 consists of the number 4 of the earth and the number 3 of heaven. In this way, the number is the symbol of the bridge between the earth and heaven.    
  • Blue color (background) – The background color is blue, which represents a sea/ocean. A sea/ocean is a symbol of constant flow. 

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Why Should You Hang the Seven Running Horses Painting on Your Home Walls?

Here are the reasons why you should go with such a horse painting:

  • Running horses link with speed. You should hang it on the wall in the eastern direction to experience that you are faster than others around you.
  • These horses are free and powerful. On the placement of it on the western wall, you will have artistic nature benefit.
  • Vaastu states that horses are associated with success and recommends its hanging on the southern wall to bring success in your home ventures 
  • As per Vaastu, seven running horses in blue display a link to the planet Saturn. It is believed that hanging such a horse painting facilitates harmony and peace in your home. In its placement on the wall, you need to calculate the position of Saturn to the position of this painting 
  • For improving your love life, you should consider the position of the planet Venus. Hang it on the place that is visible to both of you. With this, you will facilitate your loving partner have positive emotions for you

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