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Just A Touch Of Neon Lights And Witness The Sensational Change In Your Room

Lighting must have reached a phenomenal stage by now, from filament bulbs to LED lights, we’ve seen the lighting industry go through a massive change. Now we have lights that can be reduced and brightened as according to the moment and mood. Talking about moment, there is but one light which can instantly lift up mood. Neon lights are manufactured with the sole purpose of adding to a happy, musing or mystical atmosphere. It lays down the very foundation of a party mood or any other delightful occasion.
You must have often across cafés and pubs that are majorly imparted the neon lights and colors. This is mostly because the florescent lights that make any space brighten up with joy and good vibes.
If you’re wondering which neon lights should be brought home, we are here to assist you with the best Let’s introduce you to few of the best neon lights that make a great impression on your walls. Also, if you’re looking for lights that suit you’re occasion, visit Wallmantra. Let’s explore few of the most demanding neon lights that can jazz up your home like no other:

  1. Netflix & Chill Neon LED Light

WallMantra - Netflix & Chill Neon LED Light

The most coveted neon light for the past couple of years would be this. Anyone who is a serial binge watcher would love to add this playful aspect about themselves on their walls. Netflix & Chill Neon LED Light is definitely the most watched OTT platform and it also adds up to the joy and happiness inside your place.

 2.     Break The Rules Neon LED Light


Break The Rules Neon LED Light is behind any parties mood, the mood which suggests that you can allow yourself a tiny bit to break the rules. This can be a great décor element in a café, pub or at some place where gathering takes place most often.

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3.     Gamer Neon LED Light

WallMantra - Gamer Neon LED Light

From live podcast to online games, if you wish to show your gaming skill, you should definitely consider prepping up your console that way. The Gamer Neon LED Light is tailor-made for someone who loves to decorate their room in a way that openly portrays their gaming sole.

4.     “Music” Headphone Neon LED Light

“Music” Headphone Neon LED Light needs no explanation or convincing, as this could to be added to any person’s wall as 90% of people around the world are music lovers. A musicians favorite décor light and a happy person’s treat to the eyes, this neon light is a must for a great light and mood.

5.     Don’t Quit Neon LED Light

A motivational phrase that instantly lifts up the soul and urges us to never settle for less. Don’t Quit Neon LED Light deserves a place in every house because of its very short yet powerful message blended with florescent light.

6.     Angel Wings Neon LED Light

WallMantra - Angel Wings Neon LED Light

A beautiful Angel Wings Neon LED Light that makes any corner light up in a pretty way. Wings are associated with freedom and aspirations, and therefore a neon light portraying the very soul acquires acknowledgement about both the person and the décor.


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If you want to infuse jazzy lights at a particular place, neon lights might be the best you can bring in to make yourself and your guests feel delighted in the best way. Apart from adorning it at your home, it can also act as a great gift for a favourite friend or a beloved one, as it’s sure to bring a smile on their face. If you’re planning to open up a café or a tea house, consider opting for neon lights from Wallmantra to decorate your space.

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