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Indian Traditional Frame Sets: A distinctive Way to Accentuate Your Home

Having a home drenched in authentic vibes speaks volumes about one’s personality and choices. The great Indian art forms have survived for centuries. And people can’t stop gushing over the magnificence of these traditional frame setsWith every other region having their own style, there’s abundant to favour. Being diverse yet alluring is what you can celebrate in every traditional frame made intricately with devotion. Also, the captivating vibrancy and folklores associated with the most familiar Indian arts are to die for. If you wish to have an ethnic theme in your home but are perplexed enough to take decisions judiciously, hop on the screen and read about the enthralling traditional frame sets:

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With an Open Heart And Waving Hands- “Welcome To Rajasthan”

There’s no other art being resonant and colourful than Rajasthan. If you see a traditional frame wall art with all the colours you can ever envision, it’s a Rajasthan inspired style. The simplicity of the people engaged in regular grinds yet accommodating everyone heartedly is what you can see in such frames. There’s a lot available on the market shelves, including paintings, wall accents, and apparel that beautifully represent their rich cultural heritage. You can have a Rajasthani traditional frame wall art in your living area or reception to get an altogether novel look. Wallmantra brings you an exclusive collection in this category designed distinctively by Rajasthan’s artists. From paintings to traditional frame sets, there’s a lot to dig.

Where There is Harmony: It is Warli

India’s syndrome is indubitably real, and so is its traditional frame wall art. Curated beautifully by the tribal people of Maharashtra, the Warli wall art utters about the wedding rituals, hunting scenes, and the humble lifestyle. Most of the patterns have geometric shapes such as circles, triangles, and squares. Practiced originally on the mud walls with rice mixture, gum and water, they have a limited vocabulary. The dots and dashes arranged linearly depict a scene rhetorically. The plain message exhibits humans around a central motif, and the motive is to tell about the eternal life of the beings. By allocating aesthetics to everyday life instead of traditions, it allows people to resemble themselves closely. You can create an accent wall by adorning warli traditional frame sets. Also, another way to live it more intensely is to get a wall done the way it was originally. 

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The association of Nature and Society: Madhubani Art

 By Representing sharp noses and fish-like eyes, Madhubani art is centuries old. Quite surprisingly, the wall art was initially curated on the marriage of Lord Rama. Each traditional frame illustrates spirituality, prosperity, consensus and devotion. Most of you may not find it true, but these wall arts have a linkage with Feng Shui. The depiction of flowers, especially lotus, infuses positive energy into the surroundings. Besides florals, the fish signifies fertility and wealth, and the tortoise symbolizes good wealth and vitality. The imprinted thoughts and impressions resonate with a huge section of inhabitants effortlessly. Another reason to love Madhubani art abundantly is the usage of natural dyes. Not only does mounting a traditional frame in Madhubani art look spectacular, but it promotes sustainability.   

The distinctive showcase of Deities and Saints: Tanjore Art

Being one of the most popular arts in south India, Tanjore embodies grandeur. The surface richness and vibrant colours transform the area wherever hung. Originated in the 16th century, the traditional frames in Tanjore art are a distinguishable compilation of pearls, semi-precious stones and glass pieces. Initially Carved on a cloth over a wooden base, the next step involves the ornamentation with set materials. 

Why there is a Dire Need To Save Our Rich Heritage

If you are buying traditional framed wall art, you are not just stepping closer to make your home lively but also supporting the artists immensely. A Country is being identified by its rich traditions and cultures. And what’s better than having their essence in the home, highlighting the walls gracefully. Your wish to have something unique and the preservation of traditional art is possible equally. For an exclusive collection, you can shop from Wallmantra.com at economical prices.             
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