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How to Take Proper Care of Your Decorative Wall Mirrors

A wall mirror does many things in a room of your home. Apart from the illusion creation, it might be a piece of art or a great conversation. In the current world, you use it as a decorative piece. So, it is crucial for you to keep your decorative wall mirrors clean and in good condition. Here are some tips that can help you take the proper care of your wall mirrors:

decorative wall mirrors

 Keep your wall mirrors always clean

In the atmosphere, dust & dirt are also available with air. They keep floating with air and come inside our home. With time, your home mirrors get a layer of dust & dirt. Due to this, the mirrors look dirty and destroy the look of their installation place. To keep your wall mirrors in good condition, you need to clean them. For mirror cleaning, you can use a clean soft cloth piece to wipe your home wall mirrors.

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 Ensure they are dry

Dry mirrors are always better in terms of breaks and look. To keep your mirrors dry, you should avoid their placement in high humidity areas such as a bathroom. If you have to install a wall mirror in your bathroom or close to a washbasin, ensure there is no water leakage. No contact with water means your mirror hasn’t any moisture. It means your bathroom wall mirrors will have no damages to their edges and paints.  

 Avoid applying heavy duty cleaning solutions

Heavy duty cleaning solutions contain harmful alkali and abrasives and strong chemicals such as chlorine bleach, and ammonia. These cleaning solutions can make the brightness and designs of your wall mirrors look bad. As a result, you will find that your decorative mirrors are worthless for your home look. 

 Apply a cleaner directly and avoid spraying it 

If you spray cleaners on your wall mirrors, they will go down their glass and go through their edges and seams. Due to this, your mirror might have damages to its backing. Instead of spraying a cleaner on it, take the cleaning solution on a clean cloth piece. And use this cloth piece to wipe your mirror glass from one side to another. You can mix the cleaning solution with water. Wet a cloth piece with this mix and wipe out the glass from one side to another with the wet cloth piece.

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 Install your wall mirrors away from doors/windows

For better care and long-time use, you should never install vanity mirrors close to doors or windows. If you do this, you will be a cause to the breakage of your mirrors. You will hit the mirror while opening the doors/windows. And this hit can break the glass of your mirror. 

 Be extra careful while moving it

Mirrors have higher chances of having scratches, breakage, or chipped edges due to miss handling. If you have to move your wall mirrors in your home, be more careful. You can put gloves on your hands and place soft cloth/foam pieces on the edges as extra care of your mirrors. With this, you will move them safely and easily.

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