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How To Take Care Of Your Wall Clocks

In today’s world, wall clocks are so elegant you stop yourself from using them for time display and home/office decoration. Some of them are sentimental for you. And you want to keep hanging on the wall of your living room, dining hall, bedroom, or office reception forever. You know it is possible when you will take utmost care of your designer wall clocks and keep them maintained. As per its title, the write-up is a good read for you. 

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Here are a few useful ideas on how to take care of wall clocks: 

Take down the timepiece from the wall 

Taking the time machine off from the wall is the first and foremost step that you should take. Without taking it down, you can’t execute through cleaning or maintenance work of your clock. Use a table or ladder to reach the wall space where the clock is hung if you are unable to reach there yourself. Hold it from the bottom and push the time machine up to take it down. 

Remove its pendulum and weights if it has 

Clocks are available with or without pendulums and weights in several different designs, shapes, colors, and finishings. It is usually hard to clean or dust thoroughly a clock. Its outer parts obstruct you to do a thorough cleaning. So, you should remove the parts (weight and pendulum for example) of your clocks that could be an obstruction in your clock cleaning or maintenance work. 

Wipe clock surfaces


Before you move to the next step in caring for your wall clock, you should clean its surfaces. Take a clean and soft cotton cloth piece and wipe the glass it has on its face. Be extremely careful while wiping the glass or its face. Otherwise, it could face physical damages on the front part or the back. In addition, wipe the sides and back of the timepiece.    

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Do dusting 

With time, an object gets a layer of dust and dirt. The layer gets thicker if ignored for a longer period. Your clock is not an exception to it. Remove the parts of your timepiece that you can easily do. Use a soft brush or clean cloth to remove the dust & dirt from the inner and outer parts of the clock. 

Wax and polish your wooden clocks 

Wall clocks are made of several different materials such as plastic, wood, and stainless steel. Whatever the material used in its body and parts, it needs a refreshed look if you want to use your clock for a longer period. First of all, you should use a fine-calibre wax and a soft clean cloth to polish your timepiece. Make it sure that you are polishing the interior and exterior of your time machine well and keeping the wax away from the glass panel of it. 

Check its battery regularly 

Whether you have a digital or analogue clock, it runs on one or more than one battery. Keep checking whether your clock is displaying the right time or not. If not, hang it down and check its functionality by replacing its battery with a new one. 

Attach the removed parts to it

After you complete your clock cleaning and maintenance work, you should attach all its parts to it. Attach each part (pendulum, weight, glass panel, hands, etc.) to it one by one. In the reattachment work, ensure you are attaching its parts well. Be careful while attaching its hands (for displaying seconds, minutes, and hours) to it. 

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Hang it back to its space 

Now, you can move to the final stage in your clock cleaning and maintenance work. As you complete dusting, polishing, wiping, and attaching the parts, place a ladder against the wall. Stair up on it to hang your wall clock back to its space.  

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