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How To Take Care Of Your Laptop To Make It Last Longer

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In the contemporary world, a large number of professionals prefer to use laptops to execute their personal or professional work. The work could be online shopping, ticket booking, software development, web design & development, marketing & sales, content writing & editing, etc. To execute our work, we buy laptops. However, we find it hard to replace our laptop with a new one. Most of you want to use it for a longer period. You can do this by taking a little more care of your lappy. Here are some steps on how to make your laptop last longer: 

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Keep your laptop clean 

To make anything in your home/office last longer, you must keep it clean most of the time. As far as possible, try not to have a layer of dust and dirt on your laptop. Use a lint-free cloth piece to clean the screen of your lappy. Never spray a window cleaner such as Windex. Such a cleaner has ammonia that can make your laptop screen dull. Instead, you can use a screen cleaner that you can purchase from a computer store in your locality. On the front part, you can paste a laptop skin or sticker to protect it from scratches. And on the keyboard of your lappy, you can place a keyboard cover. While selecting a laptop sticker, ensure it won’t leave any residue after its removal. 

Be very careful while carrying it

The life of your lappy depends on how you care for it while traveling with it. You must have an ideal laptop carry bag that could protect it from the buffer or shock during transportation if it faces. Ensure that the bag has soft pads on the two sides at least. Remove the charging case from it before keeping it in the bag for carrying. Avoid placing any items, except the lappy in the compartment of the bag/backpack

Ensure the protection of your lappy body and screen while folding it

When it comes to carrying a laptop, you fold it after shutting it down for placing it into the bag. Sometimes, you are in a hurry and start folding it without taking proper care. Before you fold the screen towards the body, ensure you haven’t put anything such as a pen and pencil on the body that could cause physical damage to it. Further, avoid twisting it on its hinges, pushing/scratching on the screen, and slamming the lid down.  

Treat it well while storing or using it

Jolting, dropping, or bumping might be a cause of physical damages to its hard drive and motherboard. Always use both of your hands to hold it, place one hand beneath the bottom and the other hand on the top. Avoid carrying it by holding its screen. Ensure that the place you use to store your lappy is not too cold or too hot. Keep it away from an electrical appliance and any heat. Never place a cup/glass of hot or cold drinks next to it, as this can cause an accidental spill on its keyboard that couldn’t be repaired. 

Be careful while attaching it to its electrical cord for charging 

You should treat the electrical cord of your laptop as its extension itself. Be very careful while removing the cord from it and don’t yank it out of your lappy. Avoid wrapping the cord tightly. Instead, wrap it loosely in the figure of the number 8. While charging your laptop, avoid turning it over to keep its adopter safe from its breakage. 

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Extend the life of your lappy battery 

You can extend the life of your laptop by improving its battery life. Remove the battery when it is fully charged and place it back when you have to use it. Keep the battery in a dry place and ensure it has no direct contact with sunlight or heat.

Keep its software updated 

In the current digital world, you need to be very careful about your data, especially when you are online. You can keep your data safe protected when all the software such as Windows Defender, Microsoft, MS Office, and PDF are up-to-date. Further, updated software helps your laptop function well and extend its life. So, have a regular review to find out whether your system software is updated or it requires an update. Update all the software if it requires an update.

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Schedule maintenance task 

Like your car and home appliances, your lappy needs regular maintenance. This regular maintenance helps you improve the ability of your laptop to run smoothly. In maintenance jobs, you can run Disk Cleanup & Defragment, check disk errors in a month, run the antivirus program daily/weekly, and set your laptop to download windows updates regularly. Further, adjust your printer and power settings.                

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