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How to Show Off Your Closeness and Love to Animals

Since the old age and the beginning of human civilizations, animals have been a part of a human’s life on earth. As a food supplier and a companion, they have been helping human beings. In the contemporary world, people keep pets at their home for company and recreation.

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As a pet owner, you have to make your pets feel that you are close to them and love them a lot. In reverse, they love you a lot and make you feel that they are completely dedicated to you. This write-up can facilitate you to show off your closeness and love for your pets. Keep reading the steps mentioned below: 

Feed healthy food to your pets

Like human beings, animals grow well and stay fit when they get a healthy diet regularly. Unfortunately, you come across a lot of misinformation on pet’s food. Food companies fund many studies to be carried out on canine nutrition. Such funding creates doubts due to their interest in supplying their own food items. It is good for you to visit the respective department portal in your country to find out what foods are good and what are not good for your pets. Further, you should visit your vet before you make any changes in your pet’s diet.

Hang wall art pieces with your pet images 

Just like human beings, pets love having a look at the things similar to them. If it is with your pets such as cats and dogs, you can think of hanging pet paintings on the wall of the area where your pet spends most of his time. Further, it can help you show off your animal love to others if you hang it on your living room or dining hall wall.

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Make your pet exercise daily 

Exercise is crucial for your pet if you are determined to enrich his life. Running, walking, learning flyball, and playing tug/fetch are the best exercises to keep your dog fit. You can try interactive play with balls or wand toys for your cats. Further, you can teach your cat to enjoy walking outdoors. Playing/walking with your pets can help you to improve your own health and fitness level. 

Try to find out what your pet wants to do 

Have a close look to find out whether your pet enjoys the activities you ask him to do as you speak to your pet. You need to observe his body language and explore to find out any indication after your call to him. First of all, try to find out what he loves doing and make a schedule for the same. For instance, your dog likes to dig. You should take him to a kiddie pool to make a sandpit out. Create a cattery to enable your cat to enjoy walking outdoors if you find she loves going outside. 

Learn a new language 

Like human beings, animals (pet or wild) express their feelings. And for this, they take out sounds through their mouths or make changes in their body postures. As we don’t belong to their family/category, so we are unable to comprehend what they want to say to us. As you want to be close to and show off your love to him, you will have to be able to understand your pet’s language. For this, you have to pay attention to the body language your pet makes. You can read a book on talking terms of a respective pet. For example, you can read Turid Rugaas’ Talking Terms with Dogs and Brenda Aloff’s Canine Body Language.  

Visit a vet for regular check-ups

Whenever we feel unwell or any health issues, we visit our family doctor and consult a specialist if required. Your pets are not different. Like human beings, they fall ill or have health issues. When you notice anything abnormal in your dog or cat, you must take him/her to a vet. Book an appointment with a pet specialist and ask the vet for a thorough check-up of your pet. On his/her recommendation, you can schedule an annual or biannual check-up for your dog/cat. 

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Encourage him get rid of his fears

In animals, fear gets displayed itself in many ways that range from aggressive appearance to being calm and willing to have a complete rest. Usually, we overlook our pets’ fear until it becomes an issue for us. You should change your habit of overlooking pets’ fear and work on to identify it and enable your pets to get rid of it. Think of contacting a behavior consultant if you find yourself unable on what to do and where to start. 


Taking care of your pet’s requirements, from food to exercising and health check-ups, will facilitate you being close to your pet and show your love for him/her. Getting in touch with a professional behavior will also help you comprehend your pet’s language and needs well. 

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