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How to Make Your Small Living Room Look Bigger and Spacious

Whether you construct a home or take it on rent, you have to make many compromises due to financial and other allied reasons. As a result, you have a small home with a small living room. It doesn’t mean you should hate your living space. With proper arrangements and the use of a few decorative items and accessories, you can make your small living room look bigger and spacious. Here are some easy steps for your assistance: 

Install mirrors on the wall 

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In almost every discussion on small spaces, interior designers or experts advocate the use of mirrors to create a sense of openness. Apart from reflecting the things and light, they change the perspectives of your home visitors by trekking the eyes into perceiving more space. It totally depends on you how you install wall mirrors in your living room. You can install one close to the windows on the opposite wall to create an illusion of having another window in your home. Further, you can place it opposite the things in your room that you want to get reflected.

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Make your color choice wisely 

Avoid reading this part if you want to know that whitewashing your living room will facilitate you to create an illusion of having a bigger space. Using white painting isn’t a single left option for you. Painting the walls of your living room with any lighter neutral color, whether it is pale lavender or a muted sage green, will help to have the same effect. When it comes to hanging furnishings, don’t hesitate to use one of the same colors. You can use a bright color to emphasize the size of the objects placed in your living space. In simple words, having a limited color palette would be wise, as too many visual distractions can make your room appear cluttered. 

Place the furniture pieces off the wall 

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Usually, people place their furniture items against the wall, whether their living rooms are big or small. They do so to have more space on the floor in the center of their living rooms. Keep in mind that the empty space in the center doesn’t do anything in your favor. You should think of placing your furniture pieces again. Take quick action and pull your sofa sets, side tables, and allied items off from the wall. With this, there will be a gap between your furniture pieces and the walls. And this will create an illusion of airiness in your living room. Plus, there won’t be a huge space in the center that could be a barrier in creating an intimate conversation zone. 

Ensure having enough light 

Whether it is natural or artificial, light makes you feel a space breezier and bigger than its actual size. During the day, try to make your living room receive natural light. For this, you can side the curtains, pull up the blinds, and open the doors & windows in addition to the installation of a wall mirror. For the time after the sunset, you should pay attention to the installation of more lighting solutions. Apart from general lights, you should go with ambient and task lights for your living space. 

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Use your walls for organizing the respective things

People place almirah, cupboard, or allied storage solutions to keep the things organized in their living rooms. You know following the same could make your space smaller and create a feeling of cluttered space. Instead of using floor-based boxes and shelves, you should use the walls of your living room to keep it optimized. And for this, you can hang a few beautifully designed wall shelves there.

Create a focal point 

Instead of getting worried about having a small living room, you should take advantage of it. Select an aspect of your living space and highlight it with something very interesting. Hanging visual things on the walls will draw the eyes of your home visitors towards it. You can make a feature wall behind the sofa with a few wall art pieces (paintings, murals, stickers, etc.), photo frames, or mirrors. Get in touch with an expert on how to create a feature wall if you have no creative ideas in your mind. 

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Hang curtains from the ceiling to the floor 

In general, people hang curtains from the level of their door height in their homes. You should avoid doing this, especially when you have a small living room. Opt for buying the longer curtains that you could hang from the ceiling to the floor of your living room. With this, you will be successful in making your ceiling look higher. As a result, you will have a virtually bigger and spacious living room.   

Mount your TV on the wall 

In the contemporary world, we have two options for placing our television in the living room – placing it on a TV unit placed on the floor and mounting it on the wall. Using a TV unit to place the television takes space on the floor that could create a space shortage, especially when your living room is small. To save your floor space, you should prefer to install it on the wall.   

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