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How to Make Your Home Have a Pleasant Smell

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Each home has a particular smell. However, some homes smell better while others have a bad smell. It doesn’t matter how clean we keep our abode, there is a natural development of odors, especially when we have pets, smelly shoe collection, and overflowing dustbins at home. 

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When you notice a weird smell, you start thinking about how to get rid of it. You get into action and start working on the removal of such smell, odor. Here are some useful steps that can help you make your home have a pleasant smell:

Burn scented candles 

The soothing effects or burning scented candles actually depend on how our brain processes smells. A candle’s smell stimulates the limbic system, which is our brain part and is a store for our emotions and memories. Hormones such as dopamine and serotonin are produced and help to regulate our mood. As your mood changes, you start feeling a better smell at home. 

Include essential oils to your air filter 

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Pour a few drops of superior quality essential oils on the air filter when you wish to have a fresh smell in a space in your home. The HVAC systems of your abode will make the scent spread throughout your home. It is said that essential oils consist of natural healing properties and are free from artificial fillers & chemicals. Clove, lavender, and lemon are the ones that will help you freshen up your entire abode. 

Keep your garbage disposal clean

Sometimes, your kitchen is the epicenter of smell in your home. It happens due to the disposal of garbage. You can make your garbage disposal smell good again. And for this, collect old lemon or orange peels and place them in the ice cube trays with water. Freeze each item together and run the prepared mixed ice cube through the disposal. These cubes can help you naturally clean disposal blades and the peels deodorize it. 

Sprinkle baking soda on rugs, carpets, and allied others 

Baking soda is acknowledged for its natural deodorizing properties. Due to the heavy traffic, carpets and rugs placed in the living room have a natural development of odors. The use of baking soda on carpets can help you a lot to get rid of a bad smell. Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on carpets, rugs, and fabrics in the hallways, living room and dining hall. Let the sprinkled soda sit for 15-20 minutes. Vacuum the room and its belongings and enjoy odor-free and clean air. 

Make your room fresh with home-made freshening spray 

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Usually, people take commercial room freshening sprays unnecessary and expensive. You shouldn’t do what others do. Keep in mind these sprays are made using probably harmful chemicals. Instead, you can make your own freshening sprays with the use of alcohol, water, and essential oils. Sprinkle your home-made sprays gently when you notice a bad smell in your home. 

Place dryer sheets beneath your dustbin/trash can 

Trash cans sometimes get quite musty or can have a bad smell. You need to keep them away from being musty or bad-smelling. And for this, you can place a few dryer sheets beneath the bottom of the trash cans. These sheets easily absorb odors and keep your space refreshed for most of the time.

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