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How to Hang a Wooden Shelf on the Wall

An empty wall space is not good, as it represents your dullness and makes the atmosphere of a room boring. People love filling empty wall spaces with several types of artwork – clocks, paintings, hangings, shelves, and decorative plates. The wall shelves are not only used for organizing household articles/valuable items but also for embellishing a room at home, office, and hotel rooms.


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Like others, you can easily buy a few wall shelves in your desired shapes and designs. But, the issue you will face is how to hang a wooden wall shelf on a home wall. Here are a few easy to follow steps that could assist you in the placement of a shelf on your living room/bedroom wall: 

Collect all the requisite tools and materials

Hanging a wall shelf requires a multitude of tools, equipment, and materials. Without them, you can’t start its hanging process, even if your wall shelf is delivered to you with studs/screws. Here the list of tools, equipment, and materials that you could need to collect:

  • Carpenter’s level (2-foot for a short shelf, 4-foot for a longer shelf)
  • Drill with 9/32-inch twist bit
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • A screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • 2 hollow-wall anchors with 6-32 screws, 2 3/8 inches long

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Decide the position for the shelf

First of all, make it clear at what level on the wall you want to hang the shelf. Whether you are hanging it for organizing your books, placing a few potted plants, or keeping showpieces, it should be in your reach. It would be a great help for you if you keep the height of a wooden shelf at your eye level. Request your best friend or one of your family members to hold the shelf at the height of your eye level on your living room wall. Take a view of it and mark the position with a pencil if you are happy with the position.

Mark the position as a reference line 

Turn the shelf unit backside to measure the distance between the top of the keyhole opening and the shelf top. Measure down the distance from the outline of the shelf and mark a pint after matching the distance. With the use of a carpenter’s level, draw a second reference line horizontally across the wall. Keep this line parallel to the outline of your wall shelf unit and run it all the way from one to another side. You will use this reference line to drill and install screws/studs for hanging the shelf. 

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Mark the location for the first wall anchor after the measurement

You should measure the position of keyhole slots of the shelf hanger bracket on the back of your wooden wall shelf. Be very careful with the measurement and do it from the slot center. Measure the distance from in and outside the anchor line and mark it on the wall reference line you have just drawn. This mark will be a location for the first wall anchor. 

Make a measurement of the distance between hanger brackets

Making such a measurement is a critical step, which will ensure that the second hanger bracket is placed at the right space in relation to the first one. On the back of your wooden shelf unit, precisely measure the distance between brackets from the center of every keyhole slot.

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Make other measurements and holes 

Similar to the first and second holes, you have to do the requisite measurements and holes. Perfect measurements will facilitate your placement of wall anchors. 

Hang the shelf and tight the screws with a screwdriver 

After the attachment of all the anchors at the marked positions, you can hold the shelf yourself or ask one of your family members to hold it against the wall properly at the designated space. Insert all the screws one by one in the made holes and start tightening them with a screwdriver. 

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