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How to Determine the Value of Your Antique Clocks

In your home embellishment, many of you love to give a conventional look to your home. For this purpose, you select, buy, and use the decorative items of the past. And antique clocks are one of those decorative products. In your purchase, you wish to know how valuable a vintage clock is. As a first-time buyer, you face issues in knowing the value of an old wall clock. The steps mentioned below could help you a lot in this regard:

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Know the clock type

First of all, you should identify the clock type properly. For the perfect identification, you can explore the clock label or its maker’s signature. In the examination, you should check everything, from its case, mechanism, and face. You will need to examine the type of clock yourself if you don’t find any label or maker’s signature on it. Usually, vintage clocks are of many types: anniversary, mantel, cuckoo, wall, pendulum, deck kitchen, carriage, and bracket clocks.

Find out the manufacturer’s market reputation

In general, a wall hanging clock designed and made by a highly reputed manufacturing company or artist is more valuable. The value of your vintage wall clock will increase significantly if it has a label or signature of a reputed clockmaker. So, you have to find out what reputation a clockmaker holds in the market to know the exact value of the old clock you are willing to buy.

Be aware of its historical significance

Usually, vintage clocks are closely associated with their history in terms of designs, patterns, or shapes. Therefore, you should carry out an in-depth study to find out whether it holds historical significance or not. For example, you could take the Roman Number Decorative Wall Clock. Due to the use of Roman numbers to show the time of a day, this clock is closely associated with the history of the Romans and the use of Roman numerals.

Explore the authenticity

Your vintage clock would be more valuable if it is a real thing. Your old white, blue, brown, or black clock will not highly be desirable if its design/make belongs to a German cuckoo clock of the 18th century or the one produced in the 20th century. To make your vintage clock more valuable, you need to verify the period it is connected with. Further, you need to have all the original components of a vintage wall clock you have or you are willing to buy.

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Examine the functional condition of the clock

Your vintage wall clock is worthless if it is out of order or it has stopped its primary function, time display. A dead clock, which is not running, is useless for people. It has no value whether you want to use it for time display or home/office decoration. Keep in mind a clock is in working condition if it has all its parts, no cracks, doesn’t require any repair work, or requires a minor repair. A well-functioning vintage clock is good for decoration and time display.


The value of a vintage wall clock links to several different factors. An antique wooden clock is valuable for you when you know its type, working condition, maker’s label/signature, historical significance, and allied other factors. If you are buying a vintage clock from a local or online store, keep everything in mind to make it more profitable for you.

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