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How to Create Your Spiritual Practice

Each one of you will answer the question what does it mean to have a spiritual practice differently. In your childhood, you attended prayers at a temple, mosque, church, or gurudwara by following your elders. You would have read the Gita/Bible/Quran or the Guru Grantha along with the prayers and memorizing alphabet, colors, and allied things.

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After being able to think creatively and question each & every thing that comes in your way, some of you start getting away from the one you did in your childhood. A spiritual practice is, in simple terms, what makes you be happy, feel calm & relaxed, and be stress-free. Whether you are a theist or atheist, here are a few steps that can help you create your spiritual practice: 

Create a sacred place in your home 

For creating a spiritual practice, you should have a sacred place in your home. The place could be a corner in your living room, bedroom or a particular room for doing your religious activities. Such a place has statues, images, photos, or wall art pieces related to your religious belief. For example, you are a follower of Shirdi Sai Baba. You can hang Shirdi Sai Baba Paintings or place a statue depicting him in the sacred place you have built. Similarly, you can consider hanging Islamic Paintings if you are a follower of Islam.  

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Pray and meditate 

When it comes to cultivating a spiritual practice, offering prayers and doing meditation is the simplest way. Offering prayers to God you trust makes you strong from your inside and enables you to have faith that he will guide you to face the tough time if it comes to you. Meditation is a great weapon for you if you want to have control over your mind, body, and soul. It makes you strong enough to face any situation that comes in your way. You won’t be diverted from your path whether it is the cruelest or happiest time and you are enjoying better health or having a health issue. With a combination of meditation and prayer, you will have a higher power. 

Donate some of your valuable time and money 

Donating time and money is a very common tradition in almost every religious belief. Whether you are a religious person or not, giving something to the needy makes you feel good from your heart. You can donate money to NGOs, faith-based institutions, or the one making environmental efforts. Further, you can spend your weekends or spare time teaching/helping the unprivileged people. Similarly, you can make a volunteer schedule in your spiritual practice. Spend one afternoon a month working for a local organization or participating in sustainability projects. Donating some of your valuable time and money expands your view to the world you live in.

Attend a religious retreat 

For your spiritual growth and constant transformation, you should create a space for your learning, study, mentorship, and reflection. And taking time away for the same is worthwhile for you. Being outside of your known environment and regular routine could help you to easily re-center yourself. Spiritual retreats such as prayers and holidays are great for learning something from others on the same path and keeping yourself engaged. In your locality, you can easily find such religious and non-religious retreats for yourself. 

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Experience carbonated holiness 

According to religious experts, laughter is carbonated holiness. With laughter and light-heartedness, you can connect yourself with the sacred in yourself, in others, and in God you believe. For creating your spiritual practice, you must include play, laughter, and tenderness. These three things can facilitate you to get connected with something outside yourself and come back to the innocence of youth. Learning something new could help you develop a discipline in yourself. 


Creating a spiritual practice depends a lot on what you mean to it. Doing something that could help you be calm, control yourself, be kindhearted to others, and enable you to support the needy. You can go with the ideas mentioned above or follow the one what a respective spiritual leader states you to carry out. 

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