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How to Choose the Best Wall Clock for Your Living Room

In the contemporary world, we have a lot of time-telling devices such as smartphones, smart watches, and hand bands. In spite of having so many time-telling devices, the importance of a wall clock hasn’t gone down even in today’s digital world. Whether you are buying it for its normal function (time display) or decorating your home, you need to be careful in its selection.

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Here are a few easy to follow steps to choose the best wall clock for your living room: 

Decide the type at first 

In the selection of a timepiece, you should pay attention to knowing its primary type – analogue and digital. Analogue clocks are conventional, aesthetically pleasing, and decorative clocks. As they make noise, and so, these clocks could be a little distracting for you. On the other hand, digital clocks value functionality more than charm. However, these wall clocks are a right decoration choice as per your home décor theme. 

Determine the right location 

It is already clear that you are choosing and buying a wall clock for your living space. However, you have to make it clear what is the right place to hang it and what wall/which direction is the best. Usually, we love hanging a clock at the height on the wall that can facilitate you to see the time from several different angles. As per Vastu, the wall in the east/west/north direction is the best place to hang a time-telling machine. Vastu doesn’t recommend hanging a clock on the southern wall. 

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Know how big your clock should be 

Like other decorative items, size matters a lot when it comes to hanging a wall clock. In general, its size shouldn’t be too small or too big. You should buy the clock of an ideal size. And for this, you should take a measurement of your living room in length and width. You should go with the placement of a small clock for a small room and a big/bigger wall clock for a bigger living space. 

Consider the room décor theme 

Here, a room décor theme means the wall color. You should go with a minimal or clean face if the room has the same color and tone. For a larger living space, you must go with a bigger clock that matches the color shades and tones of the space. 

Have a close look on the material and style 

In the contemporary world, wall clocks are made of wood, steel, plastic, and other allied materials. Whatever the material you select, you should never ignore having a look at the quality of the material. Suppose that you have determined to buy a wooden wall clock. You should inquire whether it is made of pine, oak, or sesame wood. And be familiar with the grade of the wood.

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