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How To Be Close Or Feel The Closeness To Nature

Before the beginning of human civilization, we were in the lap of nature by living in the forest. With time, we distanced ourselves from nature due to several reasons such as need for land space. In the contemporary world, we are trying to be close to nature, as we have a sound idea about its importance. Some changes in your home architect, decoration, and your habit can help you feel the closeness or be close to nature. Here are a few steps that you can follow in this regard:

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Bring plants inside 

Whether you want to be close or feel the closeness to nature, planting houseplants is the most convenient and easiest way for you. Cacti, aloes, money plants, succulents, ferns, orchids, and allied other plants can draw your attention and give fresh air to a room in your home. Apart from cleaning your indoor air, and decorating a space at home, these plants influence you physically and mentally. 

By removing toxins from indoor air, these plants help you lower the level of your stress. For having an indoor garden, you can place potted plants on countertops, on stairs, and in the balcony of your home. Further, you can hang the same using planters from your living room, dining hall, or bedroom wall.

Install natural murals

Natural murals can help you transform a space of your home due to their eye-catchy feature. In your search, you could come across an extensive array of nature-themed murals. You are free to choose and shop for the best one that could help you bring the scenes of flowers, mountains, a rising/setting sun, forests, and oceans in several shapes/sizes into your abode. For a personal touch, you can draw a few nature themes on the walls.

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Hang nature-themed paintings 

Apart from the plantation of houseplants and the installation of murals, you can move forward to hang natural wall paintings. While finding the right one, you might come across the paintings of trees with birds, autumn river scenery, sunset, sunrise, waterfall amid jungle, and peacocks/birds in the forest. For the personalization, you can hang a self-drawn painting from your living room or a space wall in your home. 

Spend time in the park

In today’s world, every town/city has a small to medium and big park/zoo. The park might house birds that chirp all day. In the zoo, there are numerous animals, birds, and insects. Develop a habit of visiting a zoo or park in or around your city. By visiting it, you will have a feeling of being in the lap of nature, as you have an opportunity to see all the natural things with your own eyes. 

Keep freshly cut flowers inside your home

Place a few fresh bouquets in your home whether you cut flowers from your garden or buy the same from your local market. It is an excellent way to bring nature close to you. To freshen up the bouquets, you can change the flowers with new one, as seasons change. To have a different look, you can place different types of flowers in a bouquet.

Let natural light come into your space 

Having an exposure to natural light is an ideal way to create a bright & cheerful atmosphere and be closer to nature. If you live in darker/colder areas, it is essential for you. For letting the natural light come into your living room, dining hall, or bedroom, you can keep the doors and windows open. You can lift up or side the curtains so that light could come through doors and windows when they are closed. Further, you can think of installing wall mirrors to reflect the natural light in other parts of a room. 

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Have sustainable and eco-friendly products in your home 

With the addition of sustainable products to your home, you might not feel closeness or be closer to nature. However, the use of environment-friendly and sustainable products could help you promote the world of nature. For instance, you can shop for bamboo products like tea boxes, cheese boards, spoons, cutting boards, drawer organizers, and shower stools. The use of these household products shows that you care a lot about the natural environment. In comparison with wood producing trees, bamboos grow fast and become ready for use in less time. 

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Being close to nature or feeling a closeness to nature depend on what you do for this. From planting houseplants to visiting a zoo/park and allowing natural light to come inside, you can come across numerous ideas in this regard. Be very careful and ensure the effectiveness of whatever ideas of steps you would take. Enjoy being in the lap of nature.   

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