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Four Simple Ways to Set Your Analogue Clock

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An analogue clock is a type of time stating/displaying machine, which states time by moving its hands (second, minute, and hour) to indicate numbers. It doesn’t display numbers for stating time. In general, it uses a dial system that you turn to make movements in its second, minute, and hour hands. After its usage for some time, you might face some issues. So, you need to set it to make it run well and hang it again on a home wall. Many of you might have a query about how to set a wall clock. Here are some useful steps that you can take in setting your wall clock:

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 Change the battery

Many reasons cause obstructions that make a wall clock stop its work, stating the time correctly. And the need for replacing its battery is one of those reasons. Here is what you can do in its battery:

  •  You need a battery if you are determined to set your wall wooden clock
  • A battery is usually available in a small box on the back of a clock
  • In the case of having no box, you can come across a rectangular hole
  • Find the battery lying inside and take it out from there
  • Place a new battery there

 Find the dial

In general, dials on the back of a hanging clock. Sometimes, you can find it after removing the battery cover of your wall clock. Some clocks have no dials under their battery covers.

  •  You can come across many dials if your clock has a calendar and an     alarm. In such clocks, you can find the dials after following the diagrams   or arrow marked to indicate the way to dials

Experiment to know how dials work

To find out how dials work, you need to experiment. After turning the dial, turn the clock and have a look at it face to know what’s happening. For this, follow the steps mentioned below:

  •  Select a dial and place your fingers on it firmly
  • Turn the wall clock around to see the movement of its hands
  • Turn the dial to find out which hand is linked to it
  • Try to experiment as you can come across numerous variables affecting the dial function
  • Turn the dial in both directions – right and left
  • Lift/pull the dials out to know which hand is responsible for the changes made
  • You might need to work with more than one dials, as some clocks have a dial for each hand

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 Set your wall clock

Have a look at your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any device to know the current correct time. Set the time by working with dials and placing its hands at the appropriate places to point to the respective numbers.   

 Where to buy a clock online

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