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Enthral Your Guests with Mesmerizing Mirrors on Your Living Room and Bathroom Walls

Modern mirrors are sophisticated, eccentric and classy which is only meant to impart a touch of sumptuousness to places where it’s kept and mounted. You have to agree to the fact that a room looks pretty lifeless without the presence of a mirror. Mirrors portray a distinct beauty and sophistication at homes and you cannot find one single person who doesn’t like to be seen in the mirror. If you’re a mirror-freak and want to decorate your home with state-of-the-art mirrors, we got you!

Decorative Wall Mirror

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Wallmantra has got curated range of fashionable mirrors that would instantly lift the spirit of your room. Starting from exquisite living room and bedroom mirrors to luxurious bathroom mirrors, you have it all right here. Let us introduce you to the most unique styles which might embellish your room like no other:

Decorative vanity mirror with golden finish

 A mirror which serves a two-way purpose of reflecting your image and adorning your wall with it’s luxurious golden frame. If you look into the picture, you can witness the innovative creation. The frame is painted in gold which makes it a very classy and high-end decorative element for your living room wall. This mirror alone is enough to attract attention to your wall.

Decorative Wooden Wall Mirror

Leaf Design Decorative Wooden Wall Mirror

This beautiful design of a leaf is alluring and brightens up your wall distinctly. The wooden outer frame adds to the elegance of the mirror. This makes for a statement decorative article on the wall of your choice. The unconventional shape makes it hugely appealing for modern homes.

 Hexagon Decorative Wooden Wall Mirror

This mirror is a minimalist’s favorite choice for it’s simplicity and sophistication is worth appreciating. It could be one of the best mirrors to place at the foyer or in your living room wall above the desk. It’s classic golden finish imparts a luxe look which blends pretty well with modern décor.

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 Graceful Diamond Shape Vanity Mirror

This mirror comes in set of three and emulates the shape of a large diamond. The appearance is quite chic and luxurious because of the frame which comes in classic golden finish. The beautiful set makes your room stand out and instantly catches the attention of your guests. This amazingly crafted mirror looks more like a glamorous wall art than just an object which casts reflection.

 Scandinavian Frameless Asymmetrical Mirror

This quintessential bathroom mirror is absolutely unique in style and appearance. The asymmetric design makes it look like a subtle water droplet. This is more of a piece of art on walls which casts a spell on every onlooker. It is made of high quality “Saint Gobian” glass for a clear view. 

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Bottom Line 

If you’re looking for something different for your wall, and have ran out of ideas, look no further. Choose WallMantra’s exclusive range of wall mirrors and bathroom mirrors which enliven spaces like never before. Get exciting deals and offers and grab your favorite mirror at the best price. Happy decorating!

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