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Ditch The Same Old Paintings And Give Way To Wall Plates

Tables and walls are your own creative space on which only you have all the right to do experiments you like. It’s time to get over the same old canvases for walls and bejewel it with state-of-the-art decorative wall plates. Plates have been used as a common utensil for a long long time before it came into recognition as one form of art. Therefore, it’s quite common to question that what kind of plates are decorative and can be used to add an artistic touch on walls. The wall plates grabbed attention when in the 14th century merchants brought porcelain to Europe all the way from China. Ever since then the dishes turned into popular collectibles amongst the Europeans. Once it caught attention, the demand and supply of such creative plates shot high for decoration purpose.

Wall Plates Design

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The wall plates in this context are purely meant for artistic display. They come in innumerable patterns and designs depicting thousands of art forms. It mostly consists of dexterous hand-painted craft. These meticulously designed plates are mostly mounted on walls or placed on a stand over tables for best display. Decorative wall plates don’t exactly fit everywhere, as it requires a little casual and rustic setting to stand out. They are impressive, dimensional art plates that can ornate bare spaces in a beautiful way.

Therefore, the next time you stop for a canvas or regular showpieces for your table, pause for a minute and consider how better wall plates could do than the rest. To make it clear, let us introduce you to few of the most famous art wall plates which deserve a spot at your place.

Luxury Floral Design Ceramic Wall Plates

Wall plates which depict the ethereal beauty of nature, the flora. The color indigo juxtaposed with off-white is the prime focus of these artistic plates. Floral design happens to be an all-time favorite and these plates have successfully portrayed the very beauty.

 Mandala Art Ceramic Wall Plates

Mandala art is one of the most intricate art form which attracts a lot of attention. This colorful presentation of Mandala instantly transforms bare walls and turns it into an artistic space. If your décor is more inclined towards cultural ethnicity, these plates fit your style perfectly.

Abstract Floral Art Wall Plates

Abstract art speaks to the modern minds full of scribbles and doodles. It’s the millennial choice of art which portrays a certain thought process. This particular wall plate fits modern décor in the best way. The pretty color combo complements modern walls and colorful spaces like no other.

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 Luxury Finish Modern Art Wall Plates

An exquisitely designed wall plates depicting different aspects of nature in a subtle way. An amalgamation of modern and abstract décor which enhances the beauty of your home. Elegant art on plates portray a classic décor and an artistic spirit of the owner. If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box décor plate for your interior, this is the one.

 Black Mandala Art Wall Plates

This golden design on black ceramic plates is out-and-out an opulent decorative substance on your wall. It enriches bare space with a luxurious appearance as black and gold is one of the richest color combos in the world. It would fit best with a décor which is luxurious and incorporates a lot of golden in their interior.

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Shop the most exclusive collection of wall plates only at Wallmantra at an affordable price range. Bring home an artistic difference and “wow” your walls with premium quality decorative plates. Bid farewell to mundane canvases and allow the charm of designer wall plates to adorn your wall.

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