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Did You Know That A Hot Bowl Of Soup Can Leave A Mark On Floor And Tables?

As much protective a wooden table might look, the truth is, it cannot withstand hot objects much longer. Hot objects tend to leave a mark on it which makes the appearance of your table less attractive. Such marks are not removable and it permanently sits on your table surface. Wooden tables are affected the most in this. This is where table mats steps in; a protection which every household should own to protect wooden tables. Table mats made of pure cotton is one of the best mats you can get. Cotton has the ability to absorb heat faster and therefore, it perfectly guards the top surface.


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Same goes with your floor, which is often overlooked. Without having to turn dramatic, it’s a fact that our floor is carries our pressure without showing any signs of it. It’s our duty to keep it as protected and shiny as possible. To guard it from regular dust and pollutants, and to give it the equal share in décor, go for pretty rugs. Rugs made of jute and cotton is one of the best materials when it comes to rugs. It is strong and protective, and also adds elegance to your floor.

Since we’ve made it clear how protective as well as aesthetic the mats and rugs are, let’s down in list the best kind of mats and rugs:

  1. Beige White Fringes Placemat/ Table Mat 

Table Mats

This has to be the quintessential table mat owing its root to the traditional handmade mats. It is made of high quality cotton woven in a jute motif. It is heat resistant and can ward off till 80 degree Celsius. It is easy to maintain, and are made to adapt a range of events and table settings.  If you’re looking something simple yet classic for your table, opt for this.

  1. Rainbow Striper Placemat/ Table Mat

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This dining table placemat is a colorful addition on your table. The vibrant stripes are attractive and fits modern dining tables. It is pure cotton which is heat resistant. It has this chic touch which makes your table instantly attractive. Have your breakfast to dinner and shield your table from the harsh heat of the food content.

  1. Hand Braided Off-White and Black Ethnic Rug

Coming to the beauty of floors, we introduce you a rug of sheer craftsmanship. This traditional yet classy off-white rug with black patches adds more to your décor. Apart from it’s delightful appearance, it feels incredibly soft and gentle beneath your feet. It is more of an artwork than just a rug for your floor.

  1. Hand Braided Jute & Cotton Kilim Rug

The term ‘Kilim’ denotes a specific weaving technique which is angular or geometric, created by winding the weft threads. This rug represents a cultural art which adds ethnicity to your floor and complements your overall décor in a subtle way. It is made up of jute and cotton which imparts the strength to it.

  1. Black & Green Vibrant Hand Braided Rug

This vibrant colored rug is a match for playful décor with a contemporary interior. Use it both as a bedroom rug or a living room rug. The green color in the middle is eye-catchy and florescent. If you want you floor to be notices first, you should definitely opt for this amazing rug.

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