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Designer TV Unit: Bespoke Designs Speak Volumes

Entertainment mingled up with the aesthetically pleasing set-up punctuates the ultimate combination”. Every furnishing component you spruce up your home with speaks tons about your disposition. Having a TV unit in the living room is nothing novel and has been a crucial part of interiors. However, as time went by, the decoration scheme transformed drastically. From a retro-themed space to everything intricately woven, the furniture changed. A designer Tv unit is the focal point of the living room. And for setting it up at a perfect angle, precision in measurement is a must. If you are looking for a designer tv unit for your home, hop on to find the best:

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“Make Room for What Matters”- Minimalistic Designer Tv Units

 The age of everything glitzy and flashy has gone. In reality, minimalism is the new contemporary. The budding designs crafted mindfully contrasting effortlessly with your taste feel no less than an emotion. To assure the safe placement of television yet in style, here are two designer TV unit designs:

  • Open Shelves- For a classy yet not fussy look, you can’t say no to an open shelves designer TV unitThis type has low design space and usually has two to three shelves only. Found often in a rectangular shape, the designs of this type might or might not provide direct support to the television. However, to make the most of this furnishing element, you can employ it as a bookshelf or a corner to display your pricey showpieces. Also, one critical lead to making it look nice is to keep it as neat as possible. An elegant planter or an idol of Lord Buddha will do the needful to look best. 
  • Console- The conception behind the console dated years back, in the age when there were no remote controls. The fixed tv element used to accentuate the TV on a wooden cabinet looked spectacular. Mainly designed in wood, the lower shelves aid in keeping remote controls, play stations or writing stationery. Moreover, some modern tv console designs also have holes in the back to avoid tangled wires. 

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“I have far too much storage space, said no one ever “- Storage Efficient Designer Tv Units

Whether you live in a Francisco villa or a home inherited, there’s always a rant about the storage. And if you want to have an additional one, what’s better than getting it designed in your interior furnishings. A designer TV unit in a home that helps you organize your stuff is no less than a glorification. Scream with joy as the below two designs will pump your heart to the fullest :

  •  TV unit with Audio Towers- This tv unit type is a complete package of functionality and entertainment. Safeguarding your Tv in the centre, the two towers on either side accommodate everything of your choice. You can have your speakers or books placed with grace. Also, with personalized designs, it’s feasible to alter drawers or colours. To save you from the extra cleaning, have closed drawers; and for a clean look, small closed drawers work well. 
  • Hutch- This style is true to its meaning. Also known as a storage chest, this American influenced tv unit design has shelves or cabinets over the horizontal counter. The shelves on either side accommodate extra stuff and require more space for installation. This space is ideal for homes with large living rooms. Besides helping you upgrade your interiors, it makes the room look complete. 

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Wrapping it Off

A blooming home is no less than an answered prayer. Even if you are low on budget or have sufficient allocation, with creativity, you can make your home look lively. Besides the above-stated designs, there are a lot more to accentuate your space. A swivel, for instance, is a rotating platform angled in every direction of your choice. Taking less space, this type ensures the safety of your television. Also, the designs are available in traditional, contemporary, modern or rustic that fits your ambience. Wallmantra has an exclusive collection of designer TV units made intricately by industry’s best designers. Sorting bespoke needs, they display classiness and refinement. 

Have a Blissful Home!   

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