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Decorative Wall Plates- The Most Awaited Comeback

If you come from a typical north western Indian household, witnessing wall plates above the rustic shelf in the kitchen was a common site many decades back. Even Prince William and Kate Middleton have an accent wall decorated with wall plates in their residence. Just as a classic never goes out of style, a few decorative pieces carry the charm forever. Once a trend widely- followed almost lost its pleasure owing to the maintenance it needed. And it enjoyed an extensive comeback with minimalism and the improved sense of aesthetics taking over. Even though they are no novices, they still need a welcoming preface. 

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What are Wall Plates?

Wall Plates are decorative pieces carrying distinctive designs in colourful hues. They are, in reality, the extended versions of dinner wall plates submerged in creative arts. With a sturdy hook at the back, they steal the ambience making your place exquisite. Even some of them are without support to wither away the typical look the silver hooks confer. 

What are the Ideal Places to Hang Wall Plates?

Creativity doesn’t require firmness, and therefore there is no set pattern to hang wall plates. Their installation absolutely depends on your home theme and the colour range in contrast with your surroundings. However, to get an insight, you can hang wall plates 

  • In the Living Rooms
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Area
  • Place of Worship
  • Study
  • Office Reception
  • Cafe

You may create a quaint accent wall displaying traditional wall plates or a modern wall dedicated to the contemporary theme. Even if you lack space, you can still hang it above the curtains, over a kitchen window, around a tv stand, above a door, under your staircase or at the back of your bed. Their flexibility allows extensive experimentation and hence an impressive setup.

What is the Purpose of Hanging a Decorative Wall Plate?

  • To upgrade Aesthetic Value- Can you think of a home with bland walls? Of course not, and therefore there should be something different yet economical. Unlike ordinary paintings, wall plates help enhance the aesthetic value.
  • To Display Classiness- Wall decor options are limitless, yet there is a dearth of classics that display royalty. Wall plates are indubitably one of the most gorgeous classic pieces that help accentuate your home. 
  • To Hide Imperfections- It seems weird, but it is one of the facts. Just because we can play with the size of wall plates, it helps conceal flaws. Even if you have a torn painted wall or a pierced one, these can be the rescuer. 

What are the different types of Wall plates?

  •  Ceramic Wall Plates- These are the widely available decorative wall plates. Present in every possible design, they are sturdy, firm, alluring and attractive. You can find plenty of wall plates in traditional, abstract, geometric and rustic designs. Also, it is one of the most demanding wall plate types. 
  • Metal Wall Plates- A bit weightier and sturdy than ceramic, Decorative wall plates are in vogue now. Carrying the classic designs, they are available in a variety of bright colours. You can find a gorgeous collection of metal decorative wall plates from Wallmantra. Easy to clean and manage, they remain intact for years without physical damage. They are the show stealers when it comes to traditional home decor. 
  • Hanging Wall Baskets- A look-alike of round plates, hanging wall baskets came into trend recently. In fact, nobody had thought of such traditional materials to adore walls in the 21st century. However, when history can repeat itself, why not trends then, regardless of their original form. For those who love rustic looks nothing can be as economical as these wall baskets. 

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Is DIY Possible when it comes to Wall Plates?

You will be flabbergasted knowing that DIY in wall plates is quite popular. If you believe in sustainability, you can always find a way to re-invent things to decorate your area. For DIY, you need a collection of old plates from your mom’s kitchen. You might hate the pale yellow dinner plates your mum uses because she got them in her trousseau. Well, bring them out and submerge them in colorful hues. You will end up bringing creativity in place without getting reamed.     

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