Ivory Marble Coaster Set
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Keep Your Tableware Safe from Cutlery Stains with Coasters 

Cleaning all around home is really a tough job if you love all the decorative things you have in your home. One object that can help you keep your designer coffee or dining table safe is a coaster. It can assist you keep your glass tabletops protected from bowl/cup stains. With coasters, you can easily enjoy your meal or tea/coffee on your dining set or coffee table without having a fear of cutlery staining on your tables, glasses, or cups. 

Coasters are made of varied materials such as marble, wood, plastic, jute, thread, and rubber. They are known as per the material used in their design and production works. Coasters made of wood are wood coasters. At WallMantra, we offer an exclusive collection of wood slice coasters to cater to your varied needs in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs.    

Types of Wood Coasters Available on WallMantra

At WallMantra, we design, make, and supply natural wood coasters. As per the type of wood used in the designing and production of coasters, they are called with different names. Some of them are as follows:

  • Blank Wood Coasters
  • Olive Wood Coasters
  • Petrified Wood Coasters 
  • Burned Wood Coasters
  • Resin Wood Coasters
  • Pallet Wood Coasters

 We use the best wood for coasters such as birch plywood and engineered wood. So, you will have the wood coasters of optimum quality.     

Shapes, Designs, and Sizes

WallMantra is a customer-based online retailer of home decor products. As we are client oriented, and so we offer wood slice coasters in several different shapes, designs, and sizes. At present, we are offering wood coasters in round, rectangular, wheel, and leaf shapes. When it comes to design, we offer natural wood coasters with floral, leaf, dice, gear wheel, and puzzle designs. Talking about size, we offer our wood coasters in the size of 3.5 inch x 3.4 inch x 3 mm(width, height, and thick).      

What comes in a pack of Natural Wood Coasters?

At WallMantra, we wrap your ordered wood coasters in soft paper and pack the same bubble wrap cardboard to ensure the safety of products during the transportation from our production floor to your doorstep. Your pack of your ordered product contains 6 wooden coasters.    

How to Buy the Right Wood Coasters?

Natural Wood Coasters are really a great utility for the safety of your dining set, coffee table, office desk, bar counter, centre table, and cafeteria. Whether you are going to use wood coasters on the centre table bar counter or dining table, you should shop the best one. Here are some tricks for your assistance:

  • Know the place well
  • Opt for the best material. Choose wood coasters when you have rustic finish dining table, bar counter or coffee table
  • Select the best shape (round, rectangular, and leaf) to make your coasters the best match for the decided place 

Buy Natural Wood Coasters Online on WallMantra

WallMantra is the right platform on the internet for your purchase of home decor products. Here, we offer an exclusive collection of home decorating products that include wall clocks, paintings, frame sets, wooden hangings, and lamps, apart from an exclusive collection of wood coasters. You will get your ordered coasters delivered safely at your doorstep within the stipulated time.

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