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If you have kids at home occupying a room in your household, you absolutely leave it empty. One of the best ways to instill creativity and curiosity among your kid would be to surround them with different colors and patterns. And what could do the job better filling up those walls in your kid’s room with beautiful wall stickers? Wall stickers are absolutely the best when you want to decorate your child’s room. At Wall Mantra, you will find numerous patterns that are appropriate for kids. Get access to a plethora of options in wall stickers at our store that comes in different colors, patterns, designs, and sizes. Choose the ones that genuinely reflect the character of your child to help him/her grow.


You can also get cartoon figures and famous quotes to motivate your child. Walls are like blank canvases, so make sure you will fill them up nicely with our collection of wall stickers for kids’ room.

What Do We Mean By Wall Stickers for Kids

Wall art can be of numerous types in the market, and one of the popular ones in the market would be wall stickers. When we are talking about wall stickers for kids, we necessarily mean that they are specially designed stickers that go on the wall and act like paintings or drawings. All you have to do is peel off the backside of the sticker and press it hard on the empty wall to transform it instantly. They are inexpensive and super easy to install. When it comes to designs for kids, you will find them in various genres like fairy tales, science, quotes, action figures, cartoon characters, and so on. Choose the ones that go best with your kid’s taste, and buy them from Wall Mantra.

Things to Consider Before Buying Wall Stickers for Kids Room

There are a few things you will have to keep in mind before you go ahead and purchase wall stickers for kids’ room. Firstly, it is essential to have a theme in mind when you are going through the various options online. You can picture your kid’s room, the furniture and colors in it to get clarity about the theme. Once you know what you want, you need to make sure that the product is of high quality. Go for a reputed store that has a lot of options online. You could compare prices online to get a better deal.

Why Choose Wall Mantra to Buy Decorative Wall Stickers for Kids Rooms

Wall Mantra is one of the renowned online stores that sell premium quality wall stickers. If you are looking for the best decorative wall stickers for kids’ rooms, you will find it only at Wall Mantra. Apart from quality, we are also known for affordability. Therefore, our products are suitable for all kinds of customers. We value your tastes and preferences and keeping them in mind we offer a plethora of options in wall stickers at your disposal. Trust in us, and you will not be disappointed.

Buy Wall Stickers for Kid’s Room Online from WallMantra is your first choice when it comes to purchasing wall stickers for kids. With the right kids wall stickers, you can decorate your child’s room well. You will have the right wall stickers for the kid’s room whether you want to have a sticker with the images of heavenly bodies (stars and moon), birds, animals, fairies, jeeps, planes, cameras, clouds, or a world map. Further, you can consider buying other home decorative products such as frame sets, decorative mirrors, paintings, smart furniture, garden planters, wall shelves, wooden hangings, wall plates, aquariums, clocks, and photo frames.


How Will I Track My Ordered Wall Stickers?

Answer: After receiving your confirmation on your ordered wall stickers, we start the delivery process. When your ordered product is packed and handed over to our courier partner, we produce a tracking ID and link that will help you know the status on your ordered stickers.

How Long Will I Have to Wait for Receiving My Ordered Stickers?

Answer: After receiving your consent on your placed order, we mention an expected delivery time, which is of 7-8 working days, to you. In the case of any delay, we send you SMS or email to keep you informed on the status of your ordered stickers.

What Are The Best Wall Stickers For My Living Room?

Answer: As an exclusive eCommerce retailer of Wall Stickers, we find it hard to say that a particular wall sticker is good for your living room. It is you who can decide which wall stickers are the best one for your living room. As per your choice and home decor theme, you can buy a wall sticker with a spiritual, floral, tree, bird, and natural scenery theme.

Is Cash On Delivery (COD) Available?

Answer: Yes, COD or Cash on Delivery is available for all our decorative products, including stickers.